Society's Demise

Synopsis for Session 8


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With such a dire warning from Engmar and the strange other worldly powers at work around us we wasted no more time. We crossed town with haste and reentered the glass works. Past the goblin corpses and the grisly scene from two days before, down the stairs into the darkness. The basement remained as we left it. Crossing to the far corner and down the darkened hallway with the cell that had held Amiko.
Further and further into the dark bowels of the smugglers tunnel. Then coming around a corner we began to see architecture. Morgrym held up his hand signalling us to halt. He leaned over to inspect the cut of the wall. He ran his fingers up and down it and even licked it once. Strange dwarves I thought as I shook my head. He turned to us, “It’s not natural. This was carved out by humanoids of some kind.”
Continuing forward we could see into a grotto that curved around to our right. The tunnel continued forward to a junction. Morgrym scouted ahead and I entered into the grotto. It swung around to my left narrowing to a point behind a small bench. I sensed something wasn’t right. There were bones scattered around the dusty floor and some kind of stain upon the bench.
Without anymore warning a Sin Spawn lept out from behind the bench his claws extended for my throat. Rolling backward I was able to avoid it’s initial attack and give my companions time to come to my aid. Helmdal standing in the tunnel portal was closest and rushed forward swinging his morningstar over his head. He slammed his weapon into the demonic imp knocking it backward. It’s blood dripped to the floor steaming.
Kiko followed quickly behind him, twirling a glowing red glaive through the air. Kiko lashed out with the enchanted weapon, but the Sin Spawn spun to the side narrowly avoiding the attack. It did not however, dodge the butt of the war hammer being swung by Morgrym. Ribs of the beast audibly cracked. Solemn’s eidolon came into the room and scuttled between everyone’s feet, but missed the spawn with an ill timed bite.
Pushing off with my feet I was able to get my legs underneath me. I drew my sword and waited for my chance. Noticing it’s predicament, the spawn slashed his claws around in circles trying to keep us from surrounding him. Helmdal reacted slowly, and the claws raked down his arm. Solemn was next into the room, moving to his eidolon’s left side keeping the Spawn from moving up.
Yu unable to provide much martial assistance in such close quarters guards our back and stands guard at the tunnel’s junction preventing us from being surprised. Helmdal swung his morningstar wide and used his controlled momentum to carry him back and away from the creature. Kiko also missed with his glaive leaving little red scorch lines on the floor. Morgrym swung downward with his hammer, the Spawn expected the attack and twisted to his right.
Morgrym used the downward momentum and tucked him legs underneath him. He rolled past the Spawn, who narrowly missed with his claws, and took up a stance behind the beast preventing it from retreating further. The eidolon stepped forward to bite the Spawn, but instead jumped to the side as it tried to slam it’s clawed feet down on the shadow.
Seeing my opening I stabbed out with my longsword, but merely nicked the beast. It tried to bite my neck in response , but I was able to easily avoid it. Solemn adopting his usual strategy, left the room to provide Yu with backup at the tunnel junction. Yu told Solemn to remain at the junction and moved back into the room and cast cure light wounds on Helmdal.
Feeling reinvigorated Helmdal attempted to flank the Spawn to the right, but did not move fast enough and the Spawn scampered around his attack. Surrounded, and busy avoiding Helmdal’s attack, the Spawn did not see Kiko, as he sliced downward flaying open the skin along it’s back. The Spawn howled with rage as more of it’s lifeblood spilled out steaming on the floor. Morgrym missed the Spawn again swinging horizontally and cracking his hammer against the right wall.
As the Spawn ducked to avoid the devastating attack, it found itself at eye level with the eidolon. In such a position it was not surprising the eidolon bit the Spawn’s face blinding it. It stood up screaming, clawed hands holding its face, blood seeping through the fingers. I impaled the beast through the gut trying to finish it off, but failing. While face to face with it, I could feel it’s teeth seeking my jugular, but not finding purchase. I shoved it back against the wall and away from me.
Yu took a vial of holy water from his robes and threw it at the Spawn, but succeeded in only spattering the wall with faith. Solemn continued his vigil at the tunnel’s junction. Helmdal, thinking quickly, changed his morningstar into a hammer and slammed it against my swords hilt. The move drove the Spawn against the wall, and into it transforming my longsword into a nail. Pinned to the wall like a fly, the Spawn convulsed and with a last gurgle of black blood expired.
A smoky mist flowed out from around the longsword and seeped into the floor. The skin and meat of the beast shriveled and decayed quickly. The body eventually collapsed into a meat pile upon the floor. We all stared at the body in silence. No more sounds could be heard around us. Finally releasing our collective breath we each exchanged knowing glances and began moving back toward the tunnel. I stepped forward over the decaying flesh and worked the hilt of my sword up and free from the rock. Inspecting it for cracks I could find nothing and followed my companions from the room. Moving up to the junction we decided to split up. Solemn, his eidolon, Helmdal, and Kiko went down the right tunnel. Yu, Morgrym, and myself continued straight ahead.
After about twenty feet we came upon a statue in the middle of another junction with passage ways straight and to the right again. The statue was humanoid, but I couldn’t make out what kind of species. In it’s hands it held a Ranseur with a vicious blade. Yu stepped forward and reached up to the hand holding the weapon. He flexed his dwarfish muscles and crumbled the statue’s hand into dust. He deftly caught the falling polearm, and with a flourish swung it around a bit.
With a nod of satisfaction to himself, he put up his cudgel and wielded the ranseur. A door blocked the junction’s straight ahead exit. Morgrym ran up and threw his shoulder against it knocking it backward and down. We found ourselves in an old dungeon. We stood upon a raised platform along the left wall. Down below us were the individual cells along the outside of central floor area. To the right of us stairs led down to the floor.
We worked our way along the wall and began to descend the stairs. As Morgrym and I reached the halfway point of the stairs, two Sin Spawns crawled out from underneath them and beset upon us from the sides. The one who attacked me however did not see Yu still standing on the landing. He swung his ranseur down, but off balance as he was missed his chance.
The Sin Spawn responded to the attack and slashed his claws across Yu’s legs drawing blood. Morgrym swung his war hammer around and down, bashing the second Spawn on his cranium. Fangs skittered across the floor, jarred loose from the force of the blow. Seeing that Spawn dazed, I cleaved my longsword downward puncturing the Spawn’s shoulder and carving out a hunk of flesh.
Blood spurted along the blade and into the air. Everyone whom had taken the other direction of the junction could hear our struggle and began to move to our aid. The injured Sin Spawn reached up and grazed my hip with his claws tearing out a tuft of fur, but caused no further damage. Solemn’s eidolon entered the room unnoticed with the fight going on.
The first Sin Spawn, still engaged with Yu, tried to bite the dwarf’s ankles, but couldn’t quite reach the lip of the ledge with his mouth. Morgrym and myself continued our mutual assault on the second of the Spawns, but succeeding in only keeping it on the defensive. By then Helmdal had entered the room, and having readied his crossbow fired. The bolt flew true and skewered the neck of the Spawn me and Morgrym had already wounded. The bolt remained lodged in the neck of the beast, blood and smoke roiling from the wound. With a gasp the Spawn fell to the floor.
Across the room, the eidolon chose that very moment to pounce upon the first of the Sin Spawn and biting it’s exposed torso viciously. The spawn thrashed back and forth, but the eidolon remained clamped on the beast’s belly. Solemn began jumping up and down in some kind of happy dance. Kiko stepped into the room, and struck downward with his electrically charged glaive. The blade discharged itself down into the Spawn locking it’s muscles in place with arcing energy.
Recovered from the blow the Spawn scrapped off the eidolon and leaps up attempting to flay Kiko alive. The eidolon tried but failed to bite the Spawn’s hand when it was in range. The Spawn for all it’s effort could not generate enough upward thrust to penetrate Kiko’s armor.
Morgrym, smelling blood and the end of the beast, charged across the room in a power attack. The Spawn had time to see the attack coming and dodged to the side. I could not find a spot close to the Spawn to strike, so decided to rummage through some of the other cells. I could sense magic somewhere in the room, but could not pinpoint it’s location.
Yu bonked the Spawn on the head braining the creature. The eidolon hit the floor running and clamped it’s needle sharp teeth into the Spawn’s achilles. Solemn jumped to the floor and mumbling some magic words, enchanted his eidolon with magic fangs increasing the familiar’s tenacity. Kiko missed his second thrust at the beast. In a last desperate attempt to hurt someone, the Spawn tried to slice the cleric’s ankles but failed.
Morgrym, from behind the creature, bashed down on it’s skull and knocked out the Spawn. I scrambled upon the beast and pinned it to the ground. We woke it up, but it would not tell us anything. With a bloody swish and a thin splatter of blood, Kiko separated it’s head from it’s shoulders.
In the aftermath of the clash, we investigated the room. We found bones in some of the cells, and with a lil arcane scrutiny were able to pinpoint the magical emanations to preservation spells on the wood and metal of the various manicals. We continued deeper into the lab through the only other door in the room along the right wall. Down another hallway we went.
Another door was set along the right wall. Morgrym approached and turned the pulled it open. A chamber lay revealed ahead of us. It was covered with seven pointed stars painted in blood along the walls, floor, and ceiling. A desk stood in the middle of the room covered with log books and papers. Solemn, upon closer inspection of the symbols determined them to be originated from something other than planar magic.
Kiko began to flip through the books to discover what sort of malfeasance was afoot. He fails to be able to decipher their contents. Along the back of the room there were three doors. Helmdal checked the first of them and found a monstrous misshapen skull inside. He appraised it for two silver at least due to its uniqueness. Morgrym kicked down the second one and found bone slivers littering the floor but not much else.
Helmdal stepped over to the third one and opened it finding more misshapen remains of some sort of creature. Kiko gathered the bones from each of the chambers and made a pile on the floor. Reaching into his robes he brought out a stoppered beaker of acid. He removed the stopper and pour the acid on the bones. The smoked, but were not consumed. In fact, they appeared cleaner than they did before.
Morgrym then used his disintegration method. He pulverized them into dust with his hammer. That done we exited the room and continued down the hallway. It eventually opened up into a torture chamber. Medieval racks in the corners of the room, old and new bloodstains on the floor. It hadn’t been too long since the room had been used last. Looking past the bloody carnage we could see another door leading further in. On the other side we could hear moans and a lot of movement.
We all moved over to it. Morgrym, with a smile on his face, raced forward and slammed his shoulder into the door. It’s hinges broke off and it flew into the next room. Morgrym continued his forward momentum and jumped atop the door as it slid down some steps. He rode it down them like he was riding a mountain sled.
The rest of us emptied into the room. Across from us and beyond the bottom of the stairs stood a hissing three armed goblin. It rushed toward us, it’s neck expanding out as it came closer. When it reached the bottom of the steps it opened it’s mouth in a roar, but instead puked blood up at us. Thankfully we were all able to avoid it’s shoddy aim. Everywhere the blood landed smoke steamed upward, and I could smell the tang of acid upon the air.
I nocked an arrow and let fly but missed my mark wide. The goblin lashed out at me with one of it’s arms but I deftly avoided the blow. Kiko chanted some words under his breath and imbued Morgrym with inner strength. Shining with an inner glow, Morgrym steps forward swinging his hammer over his head and dealt a devastating blow to the goblin’s back.
Emitting a keening screech the goblin turns to engage with Morgrym. As he does so though, he missed Helmdal as he moved around to the goblin’s left flank. From there he let fly with a crossbow bolt which sailed true into the goblin’s side. The eidolon lunged down the stairs attempting to bite the goblin, but failed. Helmdal from his spot in the room was able to locate the source of the moaning to be wooden blocks scattered around the room. They seemed to be covering some kind of holding pens.
Solemn readied his rapier in a guard. I was able to hit the goblin in the back with another arrow, but still missed his vital organs. The goblin rushed toward me and tried to throw me atop a wooden block, but my build was too much for him and he stumbled backwards. Yu sliced along the goblin’s flank with his ranseur drawing more blood. Morgrym closed with the goblin and grappled with it. Able to grab ahold of his adversary, Morgrym flung the goblin through the air.
It landed atop a wooden block and cracked it. It continued to hold however. The eidolon crawled atop the same wooden block and cracked it more, but still failed to shatter it. Helmdal loosed a second bolt, but failed to strike the goblin. Solemn stabbed out with his rapier, but also failed to score a hit. I rushed directly at the goblin and jumped. I soared overhead the foul being and loosed an arrow point blank into the block beneath it. As my shaft slammed home and split the block apart dropping the goblin downward, I landed on my feet on the other side of the hole.
Immediately the goblin screamed. His sounds of pain were cut short; however, with the sound of snapping bone and ripping flesh. Yu cast a spell upon my sword, filling it with white light. I held it out over the darkness. It revealed to Helmdal’s eyes the sight of a ghoul feasting upon the flesh of the goblin. Leaving this scene behind us we entered the last door which led us to a dead end and a stout wooden door. I was able to hear crackling on the other side.
Ever one to avoid patience, Morgrym charged this door and it swung open easily. So easily in fact, he continued forward and up into the center of the room. He levitated there suspended from the ground. Yu and Kiko working together were able to figure out that the floating was caused by a modified levitation spell that seemed to be attached to the room itself.
Kiko more closely examined the crackling red metal inlaid into the stone walls around us. He noticed a particular thickness and strong bond that allowed the magic to travel more freely about the room, hence the crackling. Not used to being so high above the ground Morgrym began to look sick, but did not vomit. Free floating around the room were various objects.
Helmdal entered to grab a floating wine bottle. Kiko an ancient prayer book for demons. He handed the book to Yu, whom was able to translate it. Turned out to be from our enemy Lemashtu, a bestiary of his minions. Kiko grabbed another piece of parchment which turned out to be a scroll of burning hands. Helmdal, takes one of the last two items, a wand of shocking grasp.
He investigated the last item, a dead raven, but could find nothing special about the creature. Yu cast a spell of understanding upon Kiko allowing him to interpret the rage and threatened revenge scrawled upon the wall face. We doubled back to the statue that the more artistically inclined of our party informed me was a woman. We took the other passageway from this junction and came into a wide open room. On the left side of the room was a pool of crystal clear water.
Suddenly from the depths of the pool arose a monster with a wide open eye. Behind the eye splayed out leathery wings dripping water. Beneath it’s huge single eye was a maw gaping with needle sharp teeth. It appeared to be smiling. It was a Varguille. With a flap of it’s wings it rose from the ground and engaged us.
First to act was the eidolon, jumping up and clamping it’s jaws onto thin air as the Varguille gained altitude. While the demon was busy with my companions, I moved along the right flank and quietly began to tie one end of my rope to the haft of an arrow. The Varguille swooped low trying to get a bite of the eidolon but missed. Helmdal fired a crossbow bolt into the beast’s thick hide. It lodged there but didn’t seem to slow it down.
Morgrym, acting as selflessly as dwarves do, ran toward the foul thing and grabbed a hold of it’s legs. Hauling downward with great strength he was able to wrestle it to the ground. Solemn from the doorway once again cast magic fang upon the eidolon. Kiko and Yu both moved into the room’s corners from the hallway and readied themselves to strike when an opening presented itself.
Now that the Varguille was at eye level to it the eidolon had no trouble tearing a chunk out of its leathery skin, it’s fangs dripping black blood. Finally prepared, I yelled for everyone to look out and fired my make shift anchor chain at the creature. My arrow pierced the wings and held firm. I hauled backward with all my strength keeping it upon the ground. Responding to this violation the Varguille emitted a high pitched keen. The force of the sound froze several of us where we stood.
Helmdal and Solemn were only grazed by the wail and so did not take the full brunt of the scream. I was standing directly in the sounds path and such pain filled my head I cannot describe it. The pain of the blow froze me in place. Morgrym, unaffected by the wail, swung his war hammer with enough force to shatter rock and planted the head of his weapon directly into the Varguille’s central eye cutting short the sonic blast.
Kiko finished his spell and released a bright, burning flash towards the creature, his spell however missed and managed to char the wall behind it. Yu moved into a better position to provide group backup in case we needed it. The eidolon moved in closer and tried to bite the Varguille, but couldn’t find adequate purchase. The Varguille skritched it’s high pitched wail again slamming the sonic attack into Kiko and Helmdal at full force, the eidolon received a glancing blow.
Morgrym, seeing us all frozen in place, becomes enraged, swinging his war hammer down with great force. The blow landed above the eye. Bones could be heard snapping under the hammer’s force. Solemn, finally shaking off the effects of the wail, readied his crossbow. Yu, thinking smartly, stuffed his ears with fabric.
Then the Vaguille did something unexpected. It scrambled across the ground and tried to give the frozen Kiko a kiss. Kiko was able to avoid the diseased lips, crab walking backward from the Varguille and my rope holding it at bay. Morgrym finished his grisly work breaking open the Varguille’s eye with the butt end of his war hammer. Puss poured from the wound and all over the floor. With the Varguille’s death we were able to move again, all of us.
The tunnel ended at another dead end past the pool of water. Once again we doubled back to the only tunnel left to explore. At the first junction where we had originally split up. The members of our group that had already gone this way said they found an obsidian altar stained with blood and a large door blocking further egress. We found the room much as they left it.
The altar had some sort of brackish water inside a sunken bowl atop it. Solemn instructed his eidolon to drink from the bowl to see it’s effects. Almost immediately the eidolon began to vomit the stinking liquid back up smoking upon the floor. Needing no further evidence of the foul deeds committed upon the altar we moved on to investigate the door.
Helmdal checked thoroughly for traps and finding none gave us the go ahead to open it. We pulled open the door and Morgrym rushed inside looking for an enemy. The room had the look of a cathedral used for dark magic purposes. We could all see our breath as the room was far colder than the rest of the labs. Here truly evil deeds had been done.
A female demon blinked into existence up upon the pulpit, wings splayed wide behind her. Looking at all of us in turn she smiled. Then screamed at us and flourishing a knife, slit her wrists letting her black blood flow down and into another altar bowl beneath her. Solemn attempted to reason with her, but she merely laughed in his face. She refused to reveal her name to us and with another shriek magic flew out of her and pooled upon the ground. Black ooze rose from the spot and coalesced into another Sin Spawn.
With a final cackle she said, “You will fall to the minions of Erylium!” Then she vanished. Helmdal, having held back behind us all, slunk into the room and around the side. He loosed a volley from stealth at the Sin Spawn and lodged an arrow into it’s backside. The eidolon rushed forward and missed biting the spawn’s leg. Erylium, sensing that Kiko can find her when she is invisible with his magic sensing aura, becomes enraged and summons a demon wolf.
Solemn, thinking quickly, attempts to thwart her summoning with a counterspell, but her magic is too strong and it fails. I threw my ink bottle at Erylium’s feet in an attempt to follow her movements when she is invisible. I met with dubious success. Meanwhile, the Sin spawn attempted to slash Morgrym with his claws only to meet the haft of his warhammer. The wolf lunged at my throat, but I neatly scampered out of the reach of his teeth.
Yu finally entered the room ready to help any of the injured. Morgrym advanced upon the laughing witch atop the altar, but took a swipe from the Sin Spawn’s claws in the process. He swung his hammer with a mighty strike for the witch, but she blinked out and back in to existence dodging the blow. Solemn, tried to fire a crossbow bolt into the Sin Spawn’s back when it was turned, but failed his aim untrue.
Helmdal, taking advantage of the distraction provided by Morgrym, fired his own bolt toward the witch taking her in the leg. She keened in pain. Kiko slammed his glaive into the also distracted Sin Spawn penetrating deep into it’s natural armor. The eidolon ganged up on the Sin Spawn as well biting off it’s toe. Erylium, sensing her danger, cast a stronger than normal fear spell upon us and took flight. I missed her with my next arrow.
The wolf continued to try to close with me. I ducked and zagged dodging each of it’s blows deftly. Yu moved toward the altar to try some sort of holy purging, but the Sin Spawn reacted quickly and slashed him while he past. Having a break in the fighting, Morgrym pulled out a health pot from his robes and drank it quickly, wiping the excess from his scraggly beard. Solemn, ever a poor shot, misses the Spawn with his next bolt.
Kiko continued his assault upon the Sin Spawn, ravaging the beast’s arm. Solemn’s eidolon ran away from combat taking attacks of opportunity from our assailants. Erylium vanished from view during the scrum. Turning to the wolf I fired point blank into it’s side drawing first blood with my attacker. The Sin Spawn pissed at our success, ducked under Kiko’s guard and clamped his jaws onto the mage’s side. Blood flowed from around the teeth hot and gushing.
The wolf tried to trip me, swiping at my legs, but I jumped over the feeble attempt. Yu poured his silver into the basin. His try to purify the water there failed ;however, due to the strength of the dark magic there. Morgrym changed his target back to the Sin Spawn again and with a series of blows, broke through it’s defenses and brained it upside the head. Solemn fired his crossbow from across the room and nicked the wolf’s underside causing little damage. His eidolon continued to run in fear out of the room while everyone exchanged blows with their opponents, none gaining the upper hand.
Erylium reappeared then and cast a hold spell upon Morgrym. Morgrym’s hardiness saved him preventing the spell from taking effect. Closing with the wolf, I jumped and kicked off the wall somersaulting over the hulking beast. At the apex of my leap I shot an arrow downward directly through it’s spine and pinned it to the floor. Across the room the Sin Spawn still clashed and swiped Helmdal viciously gouging his hip.
Yu tried to slash upward and hit Erylium, but failed to score a hit. Morgrym once again advanced on the witch, taking a glancing blow from the Spawn, but missing with his own attack hitting only air with his blow. Solemn tried to daze the Witch, but she resisted his magic. Helmdal finished off the Sin Spawn with another bolt through the back which pierced through it’s rib cage and with a grunt of pain it fell dead where it stood.
Kiko flourished his glaive upward in Erylium’s direction but she leaned aside easily avoiding the blow. The eidolon continued to flee down the tunnel away from his fear. The Witch tried to take control of Kiko’s mind with a spell but he denied her. I shot another arrow at the demon and penetrated her shoulder armor drawing her ire. Yu unnoticed upon the altar cast animate rope and brought his piece to life. Like a lash vine back home, it struck out with aim straight and true, wrapping itself around one of Erylium’s legs and holding her fast in position.
In anger Erylium threw her dagger at Yu, trying to break his concentration, but only scratched him. Morgrym pulled back his hammer for a killing blow, but threw himself off- balance and fell on his behind with a crash. Solemn again attempted to cast Daze, this time inflicting a distracting pain upon Erylium. Not used to a non- moving target, Helmdal missed his mark with another bolt. Kiko charged his glaive with electricity and with a cry thrust it into Erylium. The magic had no effect, she was apparently immune, but the blade did and cut her deeply causing more blood loss.
After that the rest of the fight was cleanup, we exchanged blows back and forth and the eidolon ran so far away that Solemn lost control of it due to fear. We all connected with various attacks wearing down the vile Witch. With a clang of finality I pierced her through the heart and pinned her to the back wall. More of the sickly smoke drifted out from her body and sank into the floor. A floor that seemed to be whispering to us as we trod upon it. Kiko and Solemn investigated the runes upon the walls and found more hatred and revenged painted in the grisly tableau.
Solemn summoned another eidolon and had it investigate the waters upon the altar. They poisoned it, it writhed in agony in it’s death throes, a dark magic upon it the likes I have never seen. Taking a flask, Helmdal tried to collect some of the vile liquid thinking it a possible boon in later adventures. Alas it evaporated his flask as if it were made of paper and dangled over a fire.
With the tunnel laboratory cleared of tangible evil, if not the taint left behind by it’s experiences and occupants, we left to return to the surface.

(End of Session)

Synopsis for Session 7.5

Dec 13th, 2013

(In Game date here)

After rescuing Amiko, we decided to head back to town to prepare ourselves for the fighting ahead and to recoup our energy. We escorted Amiko back to the Rusty Dragon Inn. When we arrived we sent Amiko back to her apartments, and sat down at the bar to discuss our next move. Before we could really start planning our attack however, the barmaid came over and said she had something to tell us. We quickly gave her our full attention when she mentioned the name, Engmar Silvertouch.
“Impossible!” decried Morgrym, “We last saw him in Absalom over six months ago.” They rest of us expressed our incredulity with shakes of our heads and looks of astonishment.
“I dont know about all that sir dwarf, but Engmar he says his name is and he is waiting for you fine sirs in your room.” With that she moved back down the bar to get our orders. After a quick discussion on how to handle the situation, we decided to go meet with Engmar. Filing up the stairs and down the hallway we came to our door. Helmdal knocked.
There was no immediate reply and Helmdal knocked again. Still no response, so with a sigh our impatient dwarf “knocked” the doors open with his shoulder. Stepping into the room we were met with an unusual sight. Sitting bolt upright upon the bed sat an old man, wizened cracks lining his face. He gave no sign that he had sensed our entrance except for a small smile, revealing yellowed and missing teeth.
At first I believed someone was playing a game with us, but Kiko looking closer exclaimed in shock, “Some sort of devilry has aged him, but this do be Engmar. I would recognize his spiritual aura anywhere, but underneath there is something else…” Kiko trailed off and seemed to gain a far off look within his eyes. For a few seconds they remained clouded then, he started to breath quickly as if panicked.
With a show of effort, his pupils refocused and he broke out in a sweat. I stepped forward to support him, but shakily he waved me off and sat down in a chair next to the fire. Startling us all, Engmar began to speak, “Come to warn…Coming. Death on black wings. Shadow…..flame in the darkness.”
We none of us could discern his ravings. Yu began to pray, but almost immediately stopped, opened his eyes and had a puzzled expression on his face. I could smell no evil coming from Engmar, but I could sense something sinister around him, almost like a feeling of foreboding. Engmar began to repeat his nonsensical phrases and started to rock back and forth in a trance. Some of the others leaned in closer to try and discern what he was saying.
“Where have you been my friend?” asked Morgrym.
Seeming to finally register our presence in the room Engmar focused on the dwarf. “With him.” replied Engmar
“Whom?” added Kiko from the chair.
“Can’t say, Can’t say. He won’t let me, will hurt me if I say. Came to warn you…” Engmar seemed to register extreme pain on his face, “Can’t say…against the rules. He says so.” Engmar resumed his rocking and incoherent speech. I glanced around the room and could see that Kiko and Yu were both quite disturbed by this encounter, Morgrym wore an expression of worry for a friend. Solemn and Helmdal were both inscrutable. For my part I was unsettled and concerned about what could have so rapidly aged Engmar. When last we had seen him he was hardly a year into his prime. What sort of power could lay low such a powerful cleric?
Suddenly Engmar arched his back, his knees splayed in the air and head arcing backward to touch the cushion beneath him. “Must warn…rules…cannot…prepare…doom is at HAND!” His words building to a crescendo and on the final note he convulsed briefly, quivering up and down, veins bulging along his forehead, neck and arms. It was so violent, I was later amazed that a frail man such as he didn’t injure himself or rip his parchment skin.Then just as suddenly his fit stopped and he passed out.
“By Gragthar’s hammer,” said Morgrym stroking his beard, “he’s gone barmy! And what in the bellow’s do you think did this to him?”
“I know not what earthly being could do such emaciation.” replied Helmdal. He reached his fingers under Engmar’s nose. “He still be breathing, in what amount of agony I can only speculate. His condition could only have been wrought by some serious fell magics.”
For my part, I poked him with the end of my bow and got back a twitch in response, so I was satisfied Engmar still lived. Taking stock of our motley crew it appeared that Kiko and Yu had recovered from whatever it was that had startled them so, Solemn and Morgrym looked worried, and Helmdal remained somewhat aloof and matter of fact. He seemed to have come to terms with something and recommitted himself.
No one spoke and everyone seemed distant, lost in their own thoughts for a time. Then we all spoke at once.
“There must be something we can do for him.” I said. At that precise moment Yu and Morgrym seemed to speak with the same mind,“The church might be able to help.”
“I doubt the church could do much for him. I sensed no one of significant power within it’s walls and to help him would require more knowledge of the arcane then even my master possessed.” replied Kiko. “I think we should see the village elder again. Perhaps his tomes and relics could provide a clue to what transpires here now. A cure too….maybe” He shrugged.
From the look on his face, you could tell Kiko was dubious about any possible recovery for Engmar. As a nomad of the world, I trusted Kiko as my barometer for things I don’t understand. His reaction left me crestfallen. Solemn stepped forward.
“Well standing around here won’t help him for sure. I say we take him to the church and let them at least make Engmar comfortable. Then we should head for the elder and see what we can dig up.” Seemingly without much of a choice, I helped Morgrym get Engmar over his shoulders and then the dwarf scoffed at the mention of any more assistance.
“He weighs not but a feather lad. I could carry him up a mountain let alone across a village this small.”
Kiko, still looking slightly haggard, excused himself saying he had to take care of something first, and would be following shortly behind us. Solemn followed after him with a purposeful gait. So Helmdal, Morgrym carrying Engmar, Yu, and myself headed down the stairs towards the door. From across the room the same barmaid from earlier shouted, “Is he alright? I thought he did not look right.”
"Kept mumbling about “rules and warnings”. He just appeared in your rooms and would not leave. I told him more than once that he shouldn’t be up there and would he please come to wait for you in the common room, but he would have none of it. Wouldn’t budge. Seemed touched to me. I’ll be glad to see the back of him I will, no two coppers about it."
I nodded our thanks as I ducked out the door behind my companions. Even with the short steps of my dwarfish companions, Morgrym laden as he was, we made quick time to the square in front of the cathedral. The square was sparsely populated this early in the day. There were however, a few people setting our their wares for the day and shopkeepers sweeping out the night’s dust in preparation for the morning traffic. Soon the morning would be full of commerce and foot traffic.
Walking behind Morgrym, we approached the foot of the steps leading up to the cathedral doors. As the dwarf placed his foot on the first step, many things happened at once. A flash like lightning blinded me and a crack as loud as thunder shook my bones to the marrow. I felt the passage of Morgrym through the air, more than saw, as he flew twenty feet from the steps and back into the square.
Shaking my head to get rid of the stars in my vision, I turned around. There on the ground was Morgrym and Engmar. Morgrym did not stir, but I could still see Engmar’s chest moving up and down. I glanced around and found my other companions in varying states. Helmdal, having been at the back of the group, seemed unhurt and wearing a shocked expression. Yu was on his knees, hands covering his face.
I walked over and began to reach down to shake Morgrym
“Stop!” yelled Helmdal. “What happened to him could happen to you as well. He is alive, I can hear him breathing. The explosion didn’t hurt my eardrums. I was too far away. You were closer or you could hear it too.”
Now that he mentioned it, I still did have buzzing in both my ears. Searching around quickly I picked up a stick. Not trusting Helmdal completely, I mean he did act shady most of the time keeping secrets and being all mysterious, I reached out with the stick to certify for myself Morgrym’s condition.
When I pressed the point against Morgrym’s skin I barely had time to register the pain as an arc of electricity flew up the sticks haft and sent me flying end over end backwards. Painful as the shock was, I gathered my wits quickly enough to land on my feet, upright like I meant to do that. Wouldn’t do for a catfolk to land on his tail instead of his feet with this large of an audience.
Yu laughed and walked over to Morgrym. He gave him a quick kick to the chest. The dwarf groaned, but did not awaken. Looking up he smiled, “You have to be a bit rougher than just using a stick. Dwarves are made of tougher stuff than most.” He seemed deeply distraught over something, I can only assume he didn’t mean to kick Morgrym quite that hard.
By this time more people had entered the square, and if the sound of the initial blast hadn’t been enough to attract attention, my acrobatic feats/ failure surely would. Helmdal chuckled at my antics and turned to look at Yu.
“Quickly Yu, see if you can revive Morgrym. Would do it myself, but I’m lousy with the art. Especially when I have to touch a dwarf.”
You looked up at him and met his gaze, “I cannot. He’s gone.”
“What who is gone Yu. I can hear Morgrym breathing and Engmar seems none the worse for wear. Either your mistaken or you mean someone else.”
“Not just someone else my friends. My god is no longer there….” Yu’s face looked frightened, his eyes bloodshot.
“What do you mean your god is gone cleric? Gods don’t leave unless you ignore them. Your one of the most pious priests I know. Just today I’ve seen you pray twice. That is more than enough attention in my book.”
“He has either forsaken my sinful flesh or something stronger is blocking him. I cannot even sense his presence. Without it, I am useless to help our friends.” He stopped short looking thoughtfully. “Perhaps at the forge, his altar, I can cleanse myself enough to make contact with him again. Without his help, I fear we are destined to fail against such unholy strength. Only something old and purely evil could block out Taureg’s blessings. I must go to the Blacksmith’s and perform a ritual. I promise I will return soon, pray Taureg has not forsaken us completely.”
With that the cleric left Helmdal and I to puzzle out what had just happened. Our first order of business would be to get to the priest inside the church to see if he could feel his gods and to seek help with now both Engmar AND Morgrym.
After some discussion, the both of us decided to find another route of entrance into the church, neither one of us wanting to be the first one to test the stairs again.
Going around the left side of the building and into an alleyway, we were able to find a door. Helmdal and I exchanged knowing glances and he moved toward the door already fumbling with his lockpicks. Just then, at the end of the alley a farmer came around the corner. Knowing Helmdal would take only a few seconds, I waved to the farmer as I ran up to him.
“Hail kind sir!” I said. "I’m sure you know us by now, but my comrade and I are some of the adventurers that have been saving the town. The farmer immediately brightened up with a knowing smile.
“Course I know you lot, specially you. Not too many seven foot tall cats round here. Know what I mean?” he said with a laugh.
“Yes, well, we could use your help. A friend of ours has collapsed, and when we were bringing him to the church for treatment, some kind of magical attack befell another of our dwarven comrades. We need the city watch at once! Could you please go inform them and bring them to the square?”
“Leave it to me,” he said. And like a shot was off.
Walking back to where Helmdal was standing indicating an open door, I shook my head. My encounter with some of the local populace had changed my mind about gaining entry and given me the moral courage to try the front door again before resorting to breaking and entering. With a shrug, Helmdal closed the door and followed me back around the front of the church.
As we rounded the corner we noticed two things right off the bat. First, Morgrym was starting to come round judging by the groans and grunts coming from him. Secondly, and more importantly, Engmar was GONE! The crowd around the square had continued to grow in our absence and after a quick survey, none of the crowd had seen Engmar go anywhere.
Our options used up and Engmar gone missing, we looked back at the church stairs. A quick game of odds and evens led to me at the base of stairs completely unafraid. I glanced back at the waving Helmdal. Why did I pick odds, I thought to myself. Bastard must have cheated. Looked too much like a cat that ate the canary if you ask me.
Taking a deep breath, I closed my eyes, lifted my foot like a marching soldier, and with a huff, I dropped my foot onto the first step. Nothing happened. Opening first one eye and then the other I looked down. I moved my foot from left to right, nothing. I jumped up to the third step and when still nothing happened. I jumped up and down. Convinced the steps were now safe, I turned with a smile to motion over Helmdal. He still stood in front of the crowd, a huge smile on his face, the people of the village pointing and snickering in my direction.
Apparently, I had looked a silly sight, hopping around on the church steps. Helmdal, finally joined me on the steps and behind him came Kiko apparently having finished his business elsewhere. He helped the now conscious and cursing Morgrym to his feet and we all watched him march off saying something about a pint and privacy. Yelling about how his foot hurt and why did he have a bruise on his ribs. Helmdal and I snickered.
Kiko joined us on the steps. With a puzzled look on his face he asked, “Where’s Engmar?”
“We don’t know,” i replied. "He was next to Morgrym. Then when we turned our backs trying to find another way into the church, he up and disappeared. We couldn’t have looked away more than a minute or two. Neither of us have any idea where he could have gone.
"Another way into the church? What, the front door isn’t good enough for the two of you? And what do you mean “Lying next to Morgrym?” What happened to Morgrym? He said he didn’t know, but that his ribs hurt something awful and he needed a pint."
“Long story,” replied Helmdal with a sigh, “but to tell it short, Morgrym was thrown back by powerful magic when he set foot on the steps, Yu checked out his heartbeat with his foot, and then started talking about not being able to sense his god anymore. We are now going inside the church to see if the priest is having the same trouble feeling the presence of his god. Ya know, to see if Yu specifically is being attacked or if it is the surrounding area.”
“Seems like a sensible plan. Carry on, I’m right here with you.” With that we entered the cathedral, weaved our way through the sick and injured from the attack on the town three days before, and came to a stop just short of the dais where, the high priest was conducting morning prayer. We waited from him to finish, which didn’t take very long. He dipped his fingers into a chalice full of consecrated water I assumed, and touched his forehead. With that he stepped back and gave us his full attention.
“How may I help you today champions? Does someone require a poulstice or does our inner spirit require mending today instead of the physical shell?”
Kiko and Helmdal quickly filled him in on the events of this morning, including the difficulty we had entering the church. His face remained amenable throughout the conversation, completely engrossed in what we were telling him. After describing the shock on the steps he did waver a bit. I sensed he had no idea what we were talking about.
"As I was saying, " said Kiko, “Have you cast some sort of protection enchantment or sentry spell on the church lately. I could think of nothing else that could cause such a violent shock as what my friends described to me.”
“Well champion, as much as I would like to do such things, times being what they are with the goblins and what not, but I don’t possess such power as that. I heal through spiritual faith and local herbs that have medicinal properties. Magic is a realm far beyond mine own. If I could have a look at your unconscious friend. Engmar was it? I’m sure I could do something for any wounds or physical ailments he might have, but rapid aging and magically induced coma? I’m sorry that too would be far beyond my meager abilities.”
“The local sage might have such knowledge as could help your friend I think. I would start my further inquiries there. Now if you will excuse me….”
I spoke up, “One last question if I may? Our companion cleric that has been helping recently with the wounded? Well he is saying that he can no longer feel his deity. He is greatly disturbed by this. We think it bodes ill for what may be happening in the surrounding area. So we were wondering if you can still feel the presence of your god?”
Shocked by the nature of the question the high priest reflected thoughtfully on the query then responded, “Why of course I do my sons. I was just praying to him now. His presence is all around us and working through us. I have no magical connection with him, never have, but I can nevertheless feel him all around. Does that help you? I really must be getting back to my parishioners.”
With that he left us to converse with each other. We all decided that going to see the sage would be beneficial, at least more than the high priest’s revelation that he could still “sense” his god. His answers did seem to reveal that Engmar had had a violent reaction to the spiritual aura around the cathedral. We continued our discussion along the way to the sage.
Kiko and myself led the way, with Helmdal not far behind. Upon exiting the church, we could see the crowd around the square had more or less gone back about their business with no further antics to watch. The town militia had had something to do with dispersing the nosy villagers, having assured them that no the champions of our village are not daft or barmy, just reacting to forces that they, as common folk, couldn’t possibly understand. I believe this comment came from the town militia itself not quite understanding our actions and being too afraid to ask us directly.
We headed to the northwest to the sage’s home. We knocked upon his door and after a few moments he let us in. Having been there before Kiko greeted the sage warmly and explained to him our situation.
“My friend, it seems that we once again require your help to solve our current mystery. We need to know of any demonic cults that have a history in the area. Especially in ancient times. The older the better. We also need to know if there are any previous records of the gods influence being cut off from mortal men. Myself, I can remember nothing from my studies that would be strong enough to block out say, a cleric from access to his god. Do you have any tomes that could help us?”
“I think I do,” replied the sage, “Give me a moment. What your looking for is very old and must be kept in controlled temperatures. It will take me a few minutes to retrieve it.”
With that, the sage disappeared into his stacks of books humming softly. Kiko, Helmdal, and myself continued to discuss our current situation. We knew that the former priest’s daughter would be connected to this occurrence and that she wasn’t working alone. She obviously had allied herself with the local goblin tribes to either defeat or distract us from discovering her overall plan. Kiko said that he believed he knew what could possibly be causing such chaos, but did not want to alarm us until receiving confirmation.
The sage had not been kidding when he said it would be awhile before he returned. After half an hour he was still missing. Well not missing, the occasional sound could be heard deep within the stacks and rows.
Kiko and Helmdal continued to talk quietly, while I starting to get anxious, became distracted with the construction of a “tome pyramid” over to the side using various discarded volumes from around the room. Growing concerned about the sage after an hour, I shouted, “Are you well sage? You did say you would be a bit, but never did I suspect you would take this long. These stacks must be much more extensive than I originally suspected.”
“I am well catwarrior,” replied the sage. He appeared as if by magic from between two rows. “I have found what I was looking for. The organization of this place is horrendous, but what can you expect when it is just little ole me here.” He smiled and clearing a place on one of the various desks around the main hub, set down a thick, aged volume down. I could smell the musty pages of the tome from across the room it was so old.
"The only instance I could recall having to do with disconnection from the gods, is written here. Druids once casting a spell to evoke their ancient deity caused others to be cut off from their gods. It seems this can happen when another ancient god comes closer to our world. Their presence causes the fabric of reality to “shift”. Think of it like drinking through a straw. When the straw is clean it flows back and forth exchanging our mortal pleas to the gods and their presence and possibly powers to us. When it is clogged, spiritual energies cannot flow back and forth. I would speculate that an older deity of some kind is being summoned and his presence has clogged the mystic “straw” of the surrounding area.
Opening the book he flipped to the relevant section and withdrew so we could all take a closer look. I could not read the language it was written in, but Kiko assured me that the writing depicted a tale of druids who attempted to summon their god and that during the summoning something went wrong. The druids were transformed into trees right where they stood forming a circle of protectors around their summoning tree.
“I also discovered this. Its a compendium of older demonic cults, some from around this area, others not. It describes ancient summoning rituals of each and common practices. Various older demons are mentioned within it’s pages, but one name seems to be mentioned the most. Lemashtu, an elder demon god, a sire of other demons.”
Kiko turned his attention to the compendium and began to read. A lot of it was written in unintelligible script. What could be made out however, did mention the elder demon Lemashtu. “May we keep this for study?” asked Kiko.
“Of course, but please keep it safe. Such volumes are rare indeed these days and I am sure I don’t need to tell you that if it falls into the wrong hands much chaos could be wrought with such a powerful tome.”
“Rest easy wise sage, we will take good care of it, and I promise it shall never leave our sight.”
With that we bade farewell to the sage and returned to the Rusty Dragon Inn, the day was getting on you see. When we arrived once again a strange sight greeted us. Morgrym and Solemn could be seen at the bar empty pints littering the bar top. Scooping them up, we paid their tab and ascended to our rooms. Going up the stair we began to discuss the days events and asked them if they had seen Engmar since the square that morning. Both shook their head and listened raptly to the information we had uncovered.
We reached the room and entered. Once again upon the bed sat a bolt upright, trembling Engmar staring straight ahead. We collectively gasped.
“Where have you been my friend?” asked Helmdal stepping forward and putting a hand on Engmar’s shoulder. As soon as he made contact there occurred a bright flash, and next thing I knew Helmdal was flying through the air and slamming into the wall on the other side of the room.
Engmar began to convulse again, shaking uncontrollably. He began to scream at the top of his lungs, “I have come…warn you. Prepare yourself for it’s coming. Be ready or perish. Be terrified and survive. You…must…stop..”
Engmar again disappeared. The bed he had been sitting on was scorched through. Burned into the floor underneath the bed, was a sigil. Kiko upon seeing it opened the tome in his hands. I recognized it as the demonic cult compendium. Flipping through the pages, Kiko came to a halt and turned the book where we could all see. There in the pages was the sigil. The same sigil that heralded the coming of an elder demon and not just any elder demon. There on the pages for all to see, was the sigil of Lemashtu.

- End of Session -

From here on out I pretty much need notes to finish this besides the ending. I dont know what happened to Yu at the blacksmith, Kiko and Solemn up until the catch up in the square i know nothing about. I need details and facts please!

Synopsis for Session 7

Sept 9th, 2013

insert in game date here

After a vicious night of fighting, and with more combat sure to be on the horizon as we come closer to our deadline imposed by our antagonist, I decide to get some rest and the rest of the group agrees that sleep is a good idea. Waking up from my slumber under the stairs, I slunk up to the bar and ordered myself a morning milk. The bartender brought me my milk and then two notes of particular interest. The First note was from the local Dock master requesting that we finally turn in our ship manifest. Gathering up the rest of our Pathfinder group as they awoke we quickly got together and and filled out the form, in triplicate, detailing our crew, a motley lot if ever there was one, and cargo, of which we had very little at the time being. The Second note was of more dire import, from Amiko Kajitsu’s brother, inviting us to come save his sister at the family glass works on the other side of town. He warned us to tell no one of the kidnapping or there would be consequences. Sensing that this would be a trap we all decide to not bring unessential gear, quickness and stealth being our greatest allies in such a venture. I stored my surplus gear in our room at the Inn, Helmdal volunteered to deliver the manifest to the Dock master after stowing his excess gear on the ship. During this time Kiko began to meditate preparing himself for the bloodshed to come and Yu being of less martial character, headed to cathedral to pray for our success and to treat the local wounded from the goblin attacks during this short off time. Personally I don’t feel that religion has much to do with our success or failure, but to each their own. Once Kiko was finished meditating we headed for the Kajitsu family glass works. We scout it out from across the street along the roofline until Helmdal is able to rejoin us, and having seen no activity during that time we approach for a closer look. At ground level the building looked like a normal warehouse, only two doors for entrances and exits. Trying the first one and finding it locked, I motion to Helmdal over my shoulder. He comes over and after a few minutes of working the lock in tandem with picks and my Wand of Knock, we are able to gain entry quite silently. Entering a small vestibule with two doors leading to long corridors, we take stock of our surroundings and decide that the best way to search the building would be to break up into two parties, the idea being that we would be able to cover ground more quickly this way. Helmdal opened the right door, after checking for traps, that led to a long corridor with wooden walls. Yu opened the other door that led to long hallway made from stone and wood. Standing quietly we strained our ears to hear any sounds of movement, but nothing could be heard down either hallway. Helmdal and Venir head down the wooden hallway while Kiko, Morgrym, Yu, and myself head down the half stone hallway. Proceeding down the stone and wood hallway cautiously so as to not make too much noise, my group comes upon another door. With no other viable options to proceed, we nominate Kiko to open it. The sights and smells that assaulted my eyes and nose after he turned the knob will forever be etched upon my psyche. The main production floor was very long, tables occupying the center of the room for its entire length. A high arched ceiling towered above us, tall stained glass windows to our left that had seen better days, and the main attraction three humongous bellows used to melt and shape the glass along the right wall each one taking up a fourth of the width and a full third of the length of the room. They remained cool at that moment, work here obviously being long past its prime. The architecture however, was not what immediately drew the eye. Each table was littered with various body parts and gnawed upon bones of humans and the air was rife with decay and the stench of dried blood. Further inspection of the bones revealed to the trained eye that the gnaw marks were made by goblin teeth. A lot of goblin teeth. Meanwhile, across the glass works, and continuing down the wooden hallway, Helmdal and Solemn began a room by room search. The first three rooms they come to appear to be empty storage rooms. They discover a workers dining room on the fourth try though. Everything in the room appeared normal, but after entering the room claw marks could be made out on the table and walls, which also showed blood splashed in various places around the room. A struggle had assuredly occurred here, but there was no sign of bodies. Venir opened the door on the other side of the room and discovered a small servants quarters that also had blood on the wall and floor, but no other signs of a struggle. Back in the main work room we had ventured further into the space, Morgrym and myself readying our weapons. Yu, from the doorway, quickly cast Detect Magic, but is only able to sense old emanations, nothing recent. We begin the grisly work of trying to ascertain what happened here. Again across the warehouse, Solemn and Helmdal continue down the hallway opening doors, finding various storage spaces and a few desks that must have been manned by clerks at one time. Helmdal rifles through each one finding papers addressed to Longiku, but nothing of much import. Soldiering on, Helmdal and Solemn found a reception area also covered in small amounts of blood, but could find no sign of forced entry. Off the reception area Solemn finds a file room with a desk covered with receipts from both Sandpoint and Magnamar. Helmdal meanwhile finds a small side room with an open safe on the floor and various chemical reagents used in the process of dying glass scattered on the floor around the safe. On the production floor Kiko, Yu, myself, and Morgrym were able to conclude that the room had been the location of some kind of last stand against the goblins. The door at the other end of the production floor had been barricaded and then assaulted from the other side by something big. The door had given way at some point under the assault and it was from there that the goblins had been able to gain entry and begin their slaughter. Making a close inspection of the footprints around the room I was able to place the number of defenders at around twenty or so people, and most of them had been at the door when it was broken down. There wasn’t enough body parts around the room to account for so many defenders so we presumed the worst had happened. It was at this time that Solemn and Helmdal entered the space through the same door that we had. The looks on their faces showed that they had discovered similar tableus elsewhere in the warehouse as neither seemed to surprised to find such carnage. Helmdal approached a door close to our entry point that had gone unnoticed until that point. Opening the door revealed it to be another storeroom with powders used in glass making to allow or prevent light from passing through. While he checked out the room, I began a cursory inspection of the cold furnace and found the ground slick with blood and the remains of the other defenders’ charred bones. What hadn’t been eaten raw had been cooked and burned here in the furnace. The signs of struggle and pandemonium made it impossible to find out how many and what type of goblins had attacked these poor men no matter how closely I looked. There was only one more door set in between two furnaces, and as Helmdal approached it to investigate, one of the stained glass windows on the other side of the factory floor shatters drawing the attention of everyone in our group. In walked a group of goblins screaming a high pitched battle cry warning us all that the time for investigating was over. Issuing our own battle cries, we rushed as a group to meet them head on and combat ensued. At that very same time, each of the three furnaces lit as if by magic and began to heat up. Quickly surveying our assailants as they advanced on our party I was able to make out eight targets, some armed others unarmed. The lead goblin charged ahead of his compatriots, two of which followed him, straight at Morgrym, a distance of over thirty feet. Morgrym, his warhammer already drawn, stepped forward to engage them. Kiko responding to Morgrym’s body language, recited some arcane words and infused Morgrym with magic increasing his armor value by one. Helmdal, never one to rush into anything, cautiously moved forward keeping Morgrym between himself and goblins. As a group the goblins continued to advance on us, those that were unarmed picking up shards of broken glass to use as weapons. Already having my bow prepared, I drew an arrow from my quiver and loosed a shot that went wide of its mark, but served to slow the goblin’s advance somewhat. Solemn and his eidolon moved to the right of our main group preventing any goblins from circling around behind us. At this time the lead goblin finally met Morgrym head on, but missed a vicious slash with his dogslicer causing Morgrym to laugh heartily, the two other following goblins moved to either side flanking Morgrym and attack in tandom. Goblin two with broken glass was able to scratch Morgrym, drawing a little blood but not much else. Goblin three almost scored a consecutive hit, but sensing the danger Morgrym was able to block the slash with the haft of his warhammer at the last second. With three goblins engaged with Morgrym, Kiko used his position to separate goblin six from the group and with a wrist flick and a side step was able to bring down his longsword from the side and removed goblin six’s face from his head dropping him to the floor. Goblin five upon seeing the death of his companion charged Kiko armed with only a piece of broken glass and thrust his makeshift weapon toward Kiko’s groin. Kiko anticipating the attack stepped back and avoided the blow. Helmdal engaged goblin four with his morningstar, and was able to score a glancing blow off the goblins side drawing no blood, but eliciting a yelp of pain and a noticeable limp. Even injured as he was goblin four took advantage of Morgrym’s being occupied and stabbed forward with his dogslicer drawing blood from Morgrym’s side, but causing only superficial damage. Yu, behind the rest of the group, fell down to a knee and began praying to the gods in whispered words that I could not make out over the sounds of battle. Goblin seven, dropped his dogslicer and removed some tongs that had been half in the newly lit furnaces. As he lifted them over his head, I could see they were glowing red hot. Goblins three picked up a piece of glass arming the last of them, and with goblin five advance into the second ranks of our group trying to single us all up. Knowing that their main advantage was their numbers and that Helmdal had scored a decent hit on goblin four already, I sighted down my arrow and releasing my breathe, loosed an arrow that flew true and pierced the back of his head exiting between his eyes and caught the fletching on the back of his skull. He twitched once or twice unaware that he was already dead before falling to his final rest. Solemn continuing to guard against further flanking maneuvers, moved up behind his eidolon put up his rapier, and drew out his crossbow. His eidolon responding to a closer opponent closed with goblin five and jumped forward his teeth bared. The eidolon was able to latch onto goblin five’s leg but unable to pierce the skin. Goblin five quickly rolled over ripping the eidolon’s jaws from his leg and knocking it prone. Seeing an opening, goblin eight dashed forward and using his dogslicer was able to make a gouge out of the eidolon’s side, blood welling up in the wound. Morgrym still in combat with his two remaining assailants, bunched his muscles and swung his hammer in an arc using all his strength toward goblin two. Reacting quickly the goblin steps back out of the deadly arc. Morgrym used his left over momentum to pirouette to his left and come back into a fighting stance with his shield drawn facing goblin one. Kiko surprised goblin two after he dodged Morgryms attack by impaling the foul beast, twisting his blade to great effect and continuing his thrust up and over, flinging the goblin into the now glowing blue flames from the furnace. Seeing the odds now even Helmdal readied his morningstar for any other goblins that might wish to quarrel with him. Goblin seven pressed his advantage against the eidolon, swung his red hot tongs over his head and down into the eidolon’s thorax. The swing was wild however and only scorched the poor beast raising a small puff of smoke, but causing little lasting damage. Finishing his prayer Yu, rushes forward and flips over the eidolon and his two attackers on his way to Morgrym about fifteen feet away. Goblin one stabbed at Morgrym with his glass shard and missed completely, the Dwarf being much better at hand to hand combat when not surrounded. Goblin three hurled his glass shard in frustration trying to his Solemn, but missed completely. Sensing the loss of their numbers advantage and their situation growing more desperate, goblin five also tried to throw his glass shard at myself. I had plenty of time to avoid the missile, and not being directly threatened at this point I looked around the room to see if I could find anything to help tip the odds further into our favor. Coming back to the windows along the left wall a plan forms in my head. Solemn still standing over his eidolon, readied a crossbow bolt in case any of the goblins broke combat with us to run or make a break away from the action. His eidolon recovered, having grown back it’s teeth, flipped over on it’s legs again and with a high pitched squeal crawled up to goblin five’s neck and tore a chunk out of its neck spurting blood as the goblin screamed. Having lost his advantage over the eidolon goblin eight instead decided to surround Morgrym again, and drawing his dogslicer was able to draw some blood from a quick jab to Morgrym’s arm, a solid blow, but not devastating. It seemed to only enrage Morgrym, who spun, and swung his hammer in a downward arc, attempting to flatten goblin eight where he stood. Whether the rage in his brain, the slow loss of blood, or the surprise of being attacked from behind again I don’t know, but the quick attack whooshed by the goblin and splintered the floor beneath the creature throwing it off- balance but dealing no damage Kiko channeled his energies into his blade once again, and sliced goblin three from shoulder to hip and stepped back. Flames licked up and down the wound quickly consuming the goblin and with a shriek the fiend imploded sending a bloody rain of hair, leathery skin, and flame into the air and surrounding floor tiles. Goblin seven swung his now cooling tongs at the eidolon and missed wide the eidolon shifting from left to right. Yu, charged with spiritual energy from his stout faith, channeled a healing light into Morgrym closing his wounds and stopping the blood flowing from the various cuts and scraps that he had sustained from fighting. The effects could be seen immediately as Morgrym stood taller and was able to regain his breathe. Goblin one extremely angry at Kiko for the destruction of his comrade slashed out and grazed the nomad’s leg drawing blood. Goblin five picked up another piece of glass and threw it at Solemn and succeeded at hitting the back wall shattering the weapon on impact. Still having no target of my own I ran toward the windows preparing to leap out. Solemn still has his crossbow bolt prepared, but could not get a clean shot at any of the goblins so remains standing his ground waiting for his opportunity. Releasing goblin five, the eidolon scrambled forward and attacked goblin seven with another bite, ripping a chunk out of his hip. Goblin eight tossing his dogslicer from hand to hand advanced on Morgrym and getting the dwarf to commit to a right side attack, switched weapon hands at the last second and cut deep into the left side of the dwarf causing the fighter to stagger from the blow, but Morgrym did not go down. Seeing red from such a deep cut Morgrym lashed out viciously with his war hammer pouring every ounce of pain and hate into his attack against goblin one. He connected with the goblin’s shoulder breaking it’s arm. With such a wild attack however, he did not have the presence of mind to continue his attack into goblin eight. Kiko, continuing to pour his mystical abilities into his martial prowess, attempted to spit goblin one but failed to make contact. Helmdal from across the room began to shout encouragement to Morgrym. Elves, as a rule dislike, dwarves, so such an action was hardly a surprise, as Helmdal decided to watch the fight rather than to help the dwarf. Since Morgrym was in no immediate danger, I could not fault him. Morgrym was a deadly fighter, and I’m sure Helmdal would receive more experience learning to fight more like him by watching rather than actually attempting to help. Goblin seven backhanded the eidolon with his now room temperature tongs, causing no scorching, but definitely hurting Solemn’s pet as I could hear bones crunch with the blow. Our cleric attempted to enter the fray swinging his mace at goblin one. He missed over a duck on the goblin’s part and shattered one of the windows along the left wall, his mace ringing off the side window pane. After ducking under Yu’s attack goblin one stabbed forward with his slicer, scoring a glancing blow off Kiko’s side as Kiko twisted to avoid the blow. Goblin five however was able to penetrate Kiko’s right side defenses and stabbed deep into Kiko’s shoulder drawing blood, a yelp of pain, and breaking Kiko’s concentration. Kiko staggered back from the blow, a look of surprise on his face. Continuing my run I gracefully leapt out of the window and began to run alongside the building. As I passed each window, I was able to catch a snapshot of the action. Solemn charged goblin seven attempting to push him into the fire making contact, but only throwing the goblin off balance. flash Goblin 8 misses a violent uncontrolled slash at Morgrym. flash Morgrym missing a downward slam with his hammer and stepping back from the action causing all three goblins around him to try to hit him, but fail. flash Kiko drinking a health pot while the goblins are distracted. Glancing behind me I could see that Helmdal had followed me out of the window and moving one window up the room jumping back inside. flash Yu preparing an offensive spell and moving up to support the group. flash Goblin one nicking Kiko with a backhand slice, while Kiko dodged goblin five slash. Reaching the window at the other side of the room, I gathered my muscles and propelled by my momentum jumped up and through the last window in the wall. I broke through the glass smoothly, but had misjudged the window’s height from the floor catching my leg on the window’s edge. My forward momentum swung downward and slammed me into the floor knocking the wind from my lungs. Quite an embarrassing change of events if I do say so myself. The eidolon attacked goblin seven, but was unable to score a hit. Solemn providing backup for his eidolon finally loosed his crossbow bolt, but shooting carefully missed his target. Goblin eight having maneuvered next to the eidolon stung the shadow puppet, but drawing no blood. Down to a single target again Morgrym slammed his hammer to the ground, and bullrushed goblin 8 throwing him back offbalance five feet toward the licking flames. Kiko down to a single target as well finally presses his sword through the chest of goblin one and heating up his sword, melts the bastards skin through its ribcage and down into its lungs. Smoke pouring from it’s mouth, it never even screamed and instead fell silently. Helmdal having used his foray outside to drop from sight, snuck up and backstabbed the off- balanced goblin eight. Goblin seven missed another swinging tong attack against the eidolon. Yu stepped up and placing a hand on goblin seven’s arm channels deep immense pain into its feeble brain, causing its synapses to overload. Blood began to pour from its eyes and nose, and falling to the floor it died screaming. Goblin five seeing its companions starting to drop shouted out in goblinese, which I cannot speak, and attempted to vault over Kiko and make a run for the broken door at the other end of the hall. It never landed however, as Kiko anticipated it’s cowardice, and lifting his sword bisected the stinking coward down the middle in mid leap. The halves making a wet slap against the floor as they landed five feet apart. Goblin eight began to scream the same phrase over and over towards the broken door. Apparently it’s cries were heard as a shadowy figure stepped into the doorway behind Solemn and threw a bare fist into the small of his back connecting and throwing Solemn to the floor. Recovering from my ill timed leap, I knocked an arrow and fired. Goblin eight died blood bubbling on it’s now silent lips as my shaft penetrated through its heart cutting short it’s cries. The eidolon scrabbled up onto a table and leapt atop the new monk in defense of its master and tried to grapple him to the ground, but failed sliding off the man back to the floor. Solemn picked himself up off the floor and regrouped back with the rest of us, winded but no worse for wear. Morgrym stepped forward and swung his hammer landing a blow to the stranger’s shoulder, but apart from a bruise, seemed not to effect the monk. Responding to the new threat Kiko cast a temporary shield around himself causing a faint glow and engages who I now recognized at Tetsuo, brother to Amiko, using the butt of his longsword. Kiko hits Tetsuo in the gut, but not with much force. Tetsuo responds by throwing a flurry of jabs and punches into Kiko knocking him back and causing him to become winded. Helmdal attempted to jump back out of a window, he succeeds, but cuts his leg on some of the broken glass as he exits scoring a slash down his leg. Yu put up his mace, drew his sling, and started to twirl it over his head in quickening circles. I shot an arrow at Tetsuo, who arced backward causing me to miss. The eidolon stepped off the table and tried to bite Tetsuo’s ankle, but moving too slowly was easily dodged. Solemn moved to the left side of Tetsuo and readied another crossbow bolt. Morgrym swung his war hammer again and failed to connect. Kiko recovered from the onslaught of blows from Tetsuo muttered a few words and thrust his hand forward in Tetsuo’s direction emitting a flame jet that caught Tetsuo full in the chest catching his clothes aflame. Pirouetting in place Tetsuo discarded his now burning cloak behind him, complimented Kiko on his magical skill with a wink, and flipped over Morgrym landing behind him. Helmdal moving down the wall on the outside, stops and breaks another window preparing to jump inside. As the glass fell out of the frame he notices an old man strapped to the final table next to the broken doors. The man is covered in dye of many colors obscuring his identity from this distance. Yu, still twirling his sling over his head, suddenly starts to shine in the darkness, white light pouring from him and illumining every one of our party within thirty feet of himself, causing wounds to close and as for myself, I felt a new raw energy as if the previous goblin fight had never occurred. I fired another arrow at Tetsuo and he again dodged at the last second laughing off the attack. The eidolon bit into Tetsuo’s boot, but could not penetrate the leather. Solemn fired his crossbow missing wide. Morgrym arced his hammer toward Tetsuo’s side, but the monk leapt over the attack. Kiko released more flames in Tetsuo’s direction, but once again the fast monk was able to avoid the onslaught, laughing at our feeble attempts again. Tetsuo threw a punch at Morgrym’s face. Beset on all sides ;however, he is off balance and misses. Helmdal, having snuck back into the room through the window, and biding his time to avoid Tetsuo’s notice, got close enough to surprise the monk, stabbing him in the back drawing blood, and slowing Tetsuo down. The monk did not fall however. Yu recovering from the release of his spiritual energy moved forward in case his ministrations were needed. Tetsuo sensing that he was being surrounded, jumped up and kicking off Morgrym’s helmet catapulted himself back to the broken doorway so he could face us all. He shouted, “Your too late to save Amiko, how could you anyway when you can barely save yourselves? I’ll remove the skin from all of you one by one. I’ll sacrifice your still beating hearts to my new god. You all will die screaming for….gurgle, blurp.” I cut him off mid sentence with a shaft through his throat. He fell gurgling to the floor, holding his throat, and died. “Let’s see you hop around now” I said. Kiko found a small journal filled with maps and erotic drawings on Tetsuo’s body. The maps we recognize as attack plans, one with thirty goblins is circled, other larger attacks are not. One of the erotic drawings is of a woman with a demonic hand and fangs, some kind of fell sorceress. Kiko tries to identify what hand drew the maps, but drew a blank and could not identify their author. After that we go through the broken door and see only a single door. We open it and find stairs leading down into a basement. Solemn became a first rate volunteer to lead the way, as he “slipped” with Helmdal’s hand in his back, and fell down the stairs landing at their bottom. The rest of us followed him down and looked around the room. It was of medium size dank, dusty, and surprisingly empty save for a couple of empty crates their lids lying on the floor. Helmdal approached a desk in the corner and discovered more attack plans, but of a less specific nature. Morgrym, venturing to the back of the room, moved aside some crates and found a tunnel leading off to the east, back under the town. We all gathered at the entrance to the tunnel and moved down its length. We quickly came upon a door in the right wall. Helmdal checked it for traps. He didn’t find any, but continued to check the walls and the door for any kind of switch, tripwire, or spell and after a more thorough examination decried the door to not be booby trapped. Leaning over he made quick work of the lock and swung open the door. We found Amiko Kujitsu trussed up and badly beaten inside the cell. She was conscious and after we cut her bonds thanked us profusely. She also asked after her brother and father, which we were sad to inform her were dead. She took this news very well by my eyes and recovered quickly. She told us that anytime we were in Sandpoint we had free rooms at the Rusty Dragon Inn. She also told us that with the death of her brother and father she is now a noblewoman. She charges us to venture deeper into what appeared to be a Smuggler’s tunnel. We discuss it and decide a return to town would be wiser. Amiko clearly needs help to get back to the Rusty Dragon and we have no idea what sort of denizens we will find down there and should prepare ourselves for the worst. We pick her up and begin the trip back to the Inn.

End of Session

Synopsis of Session 6

August 16th, 2013

Insert game date here

-We awoke the day after the raid rested and ready to begin out investigation into the goblin
-We all decend into the common room of the Rusty Dragon Inn, where the proprietor, Amiko Kajitsu
, hands Morgrym a note from Ambris Valsim.
-The note informs us that we are officially under orders to investigate the goblin raid and
to stay out of trouble. Shouldn’t be too hard for such as us.
-Amiko, informs us that a map of the surrounding countryside and town can be had at The Way North
, a cartography shop in the northern district of town.
-I notice as we rise to leave the Rusty Dragon that a young woman keeps glancing at me and
giggling to herself from across the room.
-Helmdal, sits at the bar and tries to overhear what the townsfolk were saying about the attack.
– He was only able to overhear the joy of the populous to even still be alive.
-We left the Rusty Dragon
-On our way to The Way North, a merchant runs up and shakes my hand. He thanks us profusely for
our actions the night before, and introduces himself as Grechus Mandar, a merchant from
– He further said that Ilsori Gendethus has a goblin farm in the basement of the Turandarak
Academy. This sounded dubious to me, but as a group we decide that it could be worth
checking out after we get our map.
-We came across The Way North, and the prominent shops owner, Veznutt Parcoh, a Gnome.
-He agrees to sell us a map and even gave us some information about points of interest on it.
-He told us the town was split up into two halfs: Uptown and Downtown. (Not very original)
– We ask him about the Turandarak Academy. He informed us that the children of the town
are taught there. It is split between an orphanage and a school. It is owned by Ilsori
-Veznutt Parcoh said he had heard nothing about a Goblin farm there, but that he had heard
the goblins had to have come over the North Wall and suggests that for more info we must
ask the Sheriff.
-We exit the shop and hailed down a passing lady, who was able to give us directions to the
Sheriff’s office. She gave Helmdal a loaf of bread, which I quickly purloined when he wasn’t
looking. Like he needs food anyway, he’s a reed of a man.
-We set out for the Sheriff’s office and find him exiting as we approached. He said his name is
Belthor Hemlock, and he is headed for the Cathedral, where there is something that we must see
– On the way there Sheriff Hemlock informs us that there is not a goblin farm in the basement
of the Academy, but that someone had left behind a ladder along the North wall
that allowed goblins to get in.
– He also told us, once again, that the whole town is very grateful for our having fought for
them the night before, and that they wished to celebrate us.
-Upon arriving at the Cathedral we learn that Tobias Ezqkian’s tomb had been defiled the night
before. We asked where it can be found and the Sheriff told us that we could find it in the
Boneyard, or local cemetary where 6 god worshippers are buried upon their death.
-We went around the Cathedral to the back where the Boneyard could be found and saw the Caretaker
repairing the damage from the night before. He pointed us deeper into the Boneyard once
queried as the location of the tomb.
-We headed towards the back of the cemetary and came upon an ancient vault, quite large, that
had been broken into from the front.
-While the rest of the party moved forward to investigate the cracked entrance, I began to
investigate the many tracks around the area. From the amount and depth of impressions I was
able to ascertain that six goblins of indiscriminate origin and a medium sized humanoid had
scaled the wall and approached the vault.
-Kiko examines the door first and was able to discover that it had been pryed open by some lever.
-Morgrym, thanks to his Dwarven heritage, was able to see rune markings carved into the stone
of the vault.
-Ever the adventurer, Helmdal sticks his head inside the crack to look inside, but could see
nothing. He told us we would need a torch to be able to see in the stygian blackness.
-Morgrym, ever patient, decided to wrentch open the door with his hands. As he pulled it open
we were immediately set upon by two shrieking skeletons.
-Combat ensued
-Morgrym, responding quickly to the ambush was able to take up a defensive stance as the
skeletons toppled out. He was unable to harm them though with the first swing of his axe.
-Ever the adventurer, Helmdal draws out his bow, and run to hide behind Kiko, shouting Elvish
-Having heard the commotion behind me, I turned around. Quickly taking in the situation, I yell
for everyone to look out, and lob my last bottle of alchemist’s fire between both of our
assailants. Both were minimally wounded by the explosion.
-Kiko, responding to my warning, rolls away, but not before lashing out with his Glaive and
crushing one of the skeleton’s skulls into its body cavity, creating a macabre picture of a
skull smiling through its own ribs before crumbling to the ground.
-Morgrym, in a fit of rage, swung his axe blindly, making contact with the second skeleton
breaking it into a thousand pieces and a cloud of bone dust.
-Helmdal, moving quickly, leaps into the tomb and using the little light from the entrance sees
a robe lying on the ground and a sarcophagus open at the back of the space.
-Kiko later informed me that by using his third eye he could detect magical emanations coming
from the robe and that it is was a Robe of Bones and that it was out of charges.
-Morgrym plods forward grumbling and sticks his head into Tobias Ezekian’s sarcophagus finding
it quite empty.
-Kiko could sense no more magical energies present so we exited the tomb to find the Sheriff
-The Sheriff told us that Tobias had been dead for ten years and that he had died in the fire
that had destroyed the old Cathedral. His daughter was suspected to have been inside with
him, but her body had never been found.
– The Sheriff had no idea why someone would want to take the precious bones, but did say that
Tobias had been the first priest to unite all of the factions of the six Gods. His
writings could be found with the town Historian, Brodert Quink, and that the cause of
fire had never been discovered.
-Kiko tried to recall any knowledge he might have for why the bones would be taken, but comes up
-I finish examining the footprints to figure out if the humanoid is male or female, and to my
astonishment, they were Male.
-It was now Midday, and we were famished. We decided to find some food and to find the Alchemist
, Aliver Pillbug.
-We arrive at his shop and inform him that his herbs could be used by those treating the injured
from the night before. We inform him that Venir and Korogen could be found at the Cathedral.
-Afterwards, we decide to grab a bite to eat at Crack Tooth’s Tavern and head that way. We
entered and see a stage towards the far wall and tables with chairs set up in a semicircle
around the stage. A large man can be seen standing up near the stage.
-We find a table and sit down to order our food when the large man approached. With a loud guffaw
he told us he was Cracktooth, and glittered a skant smile our way to remove all doubt.
-Cracktooth orders stag for all of us, and Helmdal graciously offers to buy everyone lunch for
five silver and we begin to grill Cracktooth for some information.
-Kiko went first and asked Cracktooth how long the lighthouse on the west side of the town had
been in disarray.
– Cracktooth said it hadn’t been in operation in over a couple hundred years.
-I asked him where would could find the town sage, wanting to find out more about Sand Point’s
history. He said the town Sages’ cottage can be found to the far west of town near the base
of the broken lighthouse.
-With nothing else to offer, Cracktooth goes back to work to allow us to eat in peace. As we
luncheon, we discuss what our next tact will be. Helmdal and I want to know more about the
town so we finish up and head West to the Sage’s house. Kiko and Morgrym decide to go to the
Academy to put to rest these rumors of a goblin farm.
-Having arrived at the Academy Kiko and Morgrym notice children playing outside of a three story
tall manor.
– The Children were playing a game of Hopscotch that Kiko told me later went like this:
-Here comes crazy man Das Konutt.
Mad as a cut snake in a wagon rut.
See how his chops go bouncity-bounce?
How many people has he trounced?
One! Two! Three! Four!
-They leave the children and entered the manor. There hey met Ilsori who allows them to
investigate the basement where they found nothing but boxes. He has nothing else to add to
our investigation, but does believe that maybe they could find something out at the Curious
Goblin, a small bookshop across town.
-Meanwhile, Helmdal and I arrived at the Sage’s home at the base of the ruined lighthouse.
– Helmdal, investigates the base of the tower and can tell that the lower level is intact, but
he cannot find the entrance.
-I knocked on the ancient door of the house and Brodert answers.
-I asked after the notes of the old priest and Brodert says that not too much had survived the
fire. He does hand over a list of the seperate faiths that Tobias was able to bring
together. He elaborated to say that the priest’s daughter, Nualia, was not truly his own
blood, but a foundling blessed by Desna. She possessed stark white hair and anyone who saw
her immediately fell in love with her. She saw this as a curse and a deformity instead of a
blessing however.
- Bordert told us that there were no voices of dissent against Tobias, Sheriff Hemlock was in
office at the time, and has kept the peace ever since. There were no reports of suspicious
persons that night and a coroner from Magnamar examined the burned body and found it to be
male, so it was assumed that it belonged to Tobias. Tobias was on good terms with Nualia even
though she was in her formative teenager years.
-The only other item he has that might help us is an old travel brochure of the surrounding
-Helmdal asked if he knew anything about goblin encampments in the area. He said no, but a
mercenary at the Rusty Dragon Inn might be able to help us with that. She was supposed to be
friends with the proprieter Amiko.
-Having thanked Brodert for his time, we decided to head back to the Rusty Dragon Inn and call it
a day. We find Kiko and Morgrym seated at a table when we arrive. We sat down with them and
exchanged our mutual information.
-A loud lordling by the name of Aldren Foxglove approached and offered to purchase us dinner. We
graciously accept and he joins us. He invited us to join him on a boar hunt the next morning
in the Tickwood. He offers to arrange for our mounts and that we can meet him at the Goblin
Squash Stables next door to the Inn in the morning. We agreed to tag along, and we then begin
to eat.
-During our repast we were able to pry from Foxglove that he was an Antiques Dealer from
-After dinner everyone else headed upstairs to get cleaned up, but I remained in order to figure
out why the same girl kept stealing glances at me from across the room. I approached her and
asked her if there was anything I could do to help her.
– She says her name is Shayliss Vender and that her father owns a general store that is
infested with rats. She had heard of my prowess the night before during the goblin attack
and was wondering if there was anything I could do to help her with the infestation.
-Always eager to eliminate such filthy creatures I happily agreed and we headed for the shop. We
go inside and downstairs to the basement. I was unable to see anything, but boxes and a cot.
-She giggled and began to undress herself, and led me to the cot obviously her fear of the
evil rats having faded now that such a strong Catfolk as myself was here. We began to lie
down together.
-Her father entered the basement and screamed at the top of his lungs, “Just what do you think
your doing with my daughter?”
-All thoughts of ardor immediately retreated, and I stumbled back out of the cot. I attempt to
explain to him about the rat problem and Shayliss having wanted me to help. We had only
tripped and fallen into the cot and my claws had accidentally shredded the clasp of her dress.
– Venn Vender did not believe my tale at first, but after some negotiation and crow eating and
the unfortunate insinuation that perhaps Shayliss had been dropped on her head as a child
we were able to come to a compromise. I would eliminate the rats and he would allow me to
continue shopping in his store and keep my furcoat intact.
-Over the next hour I was able to catch three small rats which I killed and stored within my
pack. With a final wave and a wink to Shayliss, I left unscathed and returned to the Rusty
Dragon Inn. I saw that Kiko, Morgrym, and Helmdal were all back in the common room. I ignore
them and immediately headed upstairs for bed.
-Kiko, meanwhile, was questioning Amiko about the mercenary, Sheleiloo. Amiko confirmed that she
would probably know something about the attack. Kiko took this information upstairs to bed
with him to ruminate upon.
-Morgrym and Helmdal had a drink together and noticed that no one of note remained in the common
room. They finished their ales and headed for bed themselves
-The Next Morning
-Helmdal rose at four in the morning and noticed that Foxglove’s stableboys were already up and
about. He informs the stable boys that all of our party would be setting out on the hunt.
-We all were up and about and had had breakfast by eight.
-Foxglove, truly excited for the coming hunt was punctual and led all of us out to our mounts.
-On the way he informs us that goblins are known to be afraid of being trampled by horses and
he doubts we will have to worry about them in the Tickwood.
-Davron Hosk, the Stable Master, has all of our steeds ready for us. The three medium sized of us
recieve fine stallions and Morgrym is presented with a pygmy Shetland Pony. Foxglove himself
sat upon a mighty fine white steed and we set out for the woods.
-On the way Foxglove seems to be very curious asking us about how we aquired our fighting skills,
and perhaps we could teach him. We humor him and answer his questions.
-After entering the wood, I traveled alongside the party looking for tracks along the ground. I
was able to find a large upthrust rock and quickly climbed it to survey the surrounding
forest. I was able to see a spot just ahead where some boars had wallowed on the ground. I
made hand motions to the party where our quarry was located, but knowing that in Magnamar,
the hunt was more fun than the actual kill, we lead Foxglove in the opposite direction.
-Further along the path we found a boar hair on the ground. I jumped off my horse and made a big
show of attempting to track which way the boar had gone and how many of them. I look at the
tracks on the ground, pick up a piece of grass and let it drop testing the wind, sniff the
air, and taste a pinch of dirt. All this seemed to excite the noble even more. I informed the
expedition of the correct path the boars had taken. Foxglove, not to be outdone, actually
tasted some pigshit and agreed with my assessment. Stupid Nobles…
-Foxglove leapt up onto his horse, and gallop away after the boar crashing through the underbrush
screaming a battle cry of excitement while holding his sword aloft.
– A few minutes later when we were able to catch up to him, we found him up a tree with a boar
circling underneath him huffing in anger.
-Combat ensues
-Kiko, without missing a beat, sets his glaive in his holster and charged the boar from horseback
inflicting a menacing blow, but not enough to drop the boar.
-Morgrym, attempted a flying leap from his pony, but missed the boar with his axe, burying the
head into the ground.
-Helmdal also reacted quickly, loosing an arrow into the boars side, only angering the beast
even more. Finding the source of his pain the boar turned around and gored Helmdal so badly
he passed out bleeding onto the ground.
-Morgrym, pulled his axe fromt he ground and swung again wildly coming quite close to hitting the
boar, but misses lodging the fine blade into a rock. He cursed profusely.
-Kiko circled around on his steed and with a final deathstroke impaled the boar through the back.
-The boar is slain, much to the glee of Foxglove who extricates himself from the tree with ease.
-Morgrym opened a health potion and poured it over the unconscious Helmdal’s wound.
-We skinned the boar and headed back to the Rusty Dragon Inn victorious and with much song.
-Foxglove was so impressed by our prowess he lets Morgrym keep his pony and expresses an interest
in the future of joining us on one of our adventures. Morgrym accepts the pony and pays the
stable boy 1g for his present and future stable fees.
-As we approached the entrance to the Inn we find a woman with a crying baby waiting for us
outside. Her name is Emil Beret, her sone is little Aaron and the baby is Era. Little Aaron
claims that a goblin comes out of his closet and sets cats on fire.
-Such an atrocity cannot be allowed to go without punishment I thought to myself, but he wasn’t
done. Apparently his dog Paddle was also eviscerated, small loss I thought to myself, and
his arm was ripped to shreds.
-We agree to check out the closet and head for the house, which we discover is two stories tall.
-When we arrive we also notice that the husband of Emil is missing. We went to the room and
found the dog dead upon the floor, a goblin peeking out of the closet, and see the feet of
Aldergost sticking out of the aperture.
-The goblin yells that this is Gresger’s house and our kind isn’t wanted.
-Combat ensues
-Morgrym, with a warscream from hell, rushes the goblin in the closet, but trips over Aldergost’s
legs and falls past him into the hole in the floor.
-Gresger, moving quickly, pulls out his knife from the dog’s corpse and attacks Kiko.
-Helmdal looses an arrow, but in such close proximity, misses comepletely.
-I was able to place an arrow into the fiend’s foot, but missed the achilles and other important
-Gresger slashed at Kiko, but fails to score a hit.
-Morgrym climbed out of the hole, and in anger used his power attack, misses, and splits the bed
in twain.
-Helmdal used the distraction to switch weapons.
-I was able to hit the goblins other foot with an arrow, but only clipped the side of his foot.
He ripped the arrow out the side of his heel with a ripping sound and seemed none the worse
for wear.
-Kiko swung his longsword scoring a long red line across the goblins chest, causing him to scream
in pain.
-Morgrym, having recovered from destroying the bed attempted a backwards slash with his axe,
missed again and shattered a bedside bureau instead. He would double as a demolition crew
if he ever decided to stop being a Pathfinder.
-In such close quarters both me and Helmdal miss with our individual attacks, not wanting to
accidentally hit Kiko.
-Kiko exchanged blows with Gresger both of them slashing and stabbing each other drawing blood.
-Morgrym, enraged at his general effectiveness called forth his inner reserves and swung his axe
with all of his might. Unfortunately, he critically failed and broke the haft of his axe upon
the floorboard.
-Helmdal, finally closed in close and was able to brain Gresger minorly.
-Following his example, I was able to sink an arrow into Gresger’s left shoulder finally slowing
him down a bit, for Kiko to deliver the fatal blow with his magic electrocuting the beast
and frying him up for dinner where he stood.
-Helmdal checked the hole and the tunnel beyond but found nothing.
-I checked the pulse of Aldergost, but alas he was dead before we ever arrived having bled out
from a neck wound.
-Helmdal, checked the goblins corpse and found no identifying markings on him.
-Emil Beret returned to her home hysterical.
-The Sheriff soon arrived and told us he would handle the clean up of the scene, and that we
should meet him at the barracks in half an hour.
-Amped up from our full day of tracking and fighting, we go to the barracks immediately and wait
for the Sheriff to return. When he does he tells us that the mayor would like to see us and
that Sheleiloo has arrived and is also waiting.
- We go and Mayor Devrin thanked us for all we had done for the city. The Sheriff introduced us
Sheleiloo, the elf ranger mercenary.
– She informed us of increased goblin activity between Valewood and Mosswood along the
Forgotten Coast. She is apparently a dedicated goblin hunter. She gave us grim news that
there are five goblin tribes in the area and they seem to be working together for the first
-The goblins that raided the town had been Longshanks and Mosswood broods. They seem to have big
plans and we needed to find out whom had brought all the goblins together in peace.
-The Sheriff was headed for Magnamar in the morning and he charged us with the town’s protection.
-We agree to further discuss matters over dinner with Sheleiloo at the feast that Aldren has
organized in our honor.
-We all sat down to eat.
-Suddenly the door of the Inn was slammed open, an old man with a cane entered yelling loudly in
another language that I did not understand. Kiko later informed me it was Menkinian.
-He looked outraged and came toward our table.
-Longiku Kijitsu introduced himself and thanked us for our "reckless and ill advised actions
against the goblins.
-Morgrym in anger responds venomously to that.
-Amiko quickly diffused the situation by coming out of the kitchen and starting a shouting match
with her father. He threw his hands up in disgust, and warned her that if she did not move to
Magnamar with him she would be disowned. He grabbed at her, but before any of us could come to
her aid, she walloped him over the head with her ladle and he disengaged.
-He yelled that she is dead to him and left the establishment.
-Afterwards, the boar was brought out and we all ate in merriment without further disruption and
everyone had a good time.
-Foxglove begs off and goes to bed before anyone else.
-Sheleiloo took that oppurtunity to come over and we hunkered down to discuss goblins. She said
that the closest ones were the Bird Crunchers led by Big Gugget cave dwellers by nature, then
Licktoad goblins of the swamp led by Borka. Then the Seven Tooth Goblins, scavengers led by
Korvas, but he had vanished. The largest goblin clan the Mosswoods led by Gutwad, then finally
the island dwelling Thistletops led by Ripnugget.
-There is a trader named Birthamus that trades with the goblins, but we must be careful, he hates
-I finish eating and give myself a tongue bath after such a long day and curl up in front of the
common room fire.
-Everyone else decides to follow my example and head upstairs for bed.
-We all arose early and headed for the common room, but no one is about.
-Worried that we might miss breakfast, we search around until we found Maid Bethana Corwin.
-Unfortunately Amiko is missing. She was seen entering her room, but her bed was not slept
in. There was a note though, in the Menkinian.
-With this information we began to suspect that perhaps Amiko’s father might have had something
to do with the goblin attack.
-We are told by the maid about Amiko’s brother Tetsuo, a half elf blacksheep that had been
given to the Academy early in his life in order to avoid any family embarrassment, can be
found at the glassworks and may know where to find Amiko and her father.
-We set out for the glassworks.

- End of Session -

Synopsis for Session 5

(insert Pathfinder date here)

June 7th, 2013

-Today we were assigned what originally was expected to be a cushy assignment. Valsim has ordered
us to travel to Sandy Point, a sleepy coastal town, to oversee the Swallowtail festival. This
years celebration is dedicated to the new cathedral that is opening it’s doors in town.
-In order to do this we first had to secure travel from Absalom to the Lost Coast, since the
Society has neglected to provide us with transportation. We set out as a group for the Docks.
-Upon our arrival Kiko makes the comment that there aren’t very many attractive options for
securing passage.
-Unwaveringly Yu, Kiko, Morgrym, and Helmdal set out to find the Harbormaster whom they find in
his office.
-After being questioned on available transport ships, the Harbormaster smiled and rattled off
names of three ships: The Rosythorn an older cruiser, A small sad looking skiff, and a large,
rickety cargo ship named The Lardbucket that had seen better days before I was born!
– The Harbormaster also provides the captain’s name of the Lardbucket, Captain Joseph.
-Yu tips the Harbormaster one gold piece for his time.
-Meanwhile, Venir, impatient and anxious to get about our mission, took it upon himself to
question the captain of the Rosythorn. She quotes him 2000 gold crowns per person roundtrip.
– Venir balks at the price and tries to negotiate it down offering 200g per person.
– Offended by such a paltry offer, the Captain offers transport for 1000 gold crowns oneway.
– Venir, able to do basic mathematics, is able to figure out that the Captain hasnt budged on
her price and refuses again. The Captain returns to her ship and sets sail not interested
in Venir’s business.
-I walk up to Captain Joseph and enter into negotiations for passage. He isn’t interested in
taking on passengers, but would be willing to sell the ship itself for a fair offer. At this
time the rest of our stalwart company arrives and listens in. I offered a wager. I bet Joseph
that I could beat his best man up to the crows nest and if successful, he must turn over
possession of the ship to us. As for our side of the bet, I offer our trade agreement that has
been assessed at 10000 gold crowns. Before Captain Joseph could accept the bet though, my
companions decide to just sell the agreement and buy the ship outright. Apparently, they have
no confidence in my climbing ability.
-Kiko and I head over to the bank located further down the docks.
-Kiko, after some negotiation, agrees to sell the agreement for 9% of its value.
-Bank copies the agreement and hands over our new funds.
-Returning to Captain Joseph, our company agrees to buy the Lard Bucket for 1500g, she comes
with the crew whom make 5g per month to operate the ship.
-We hired the first mate whom is familiar with the ship and crew to be it’s new captain, and his
wages will equal to 1% of the total ship profits.
-Thus we aquired the soon to be renamed Lard Bucket captained by (needs an official name)
Captain Schmee, and set out on our adventure.
-The journey to Sand Point is uneventful and we make good time. We arrive at 7:30 in the morning
, about 30 minutes before the beginning of the festival.
-We all immediately reported to the head priest of the new cathedral. After entering a cross
shaped courtyard with seven stones surrounding a three legged altar in the center, we meet
Father Zantus, and he welcomes us to the festival.
-Since we didn’t have much to do at that moment, we split up to explore and merrymake.
-Kiko, Helmdal, and myself set out for the food tents.
-Morgrym begins to check out the layout of the festival, weaving in and out of tents he notices
that the city is made of wood and that the roads are all cobblestone and dirt marking Sand
Point as a boomtown built with some haste.
-Yu begins to navigate the crowds watching the various acts
-It should be noted, this being an official function, all of us were wearing our fine clothing
in celebration.
-Mayor Devrin steps up to the podium that has been set up in the town square and made a speech
praising the towns denizens and welcoming all to the Swallowtail festival. While speaking she
noticed the presence of our group and welcomes us Pathfinders particularly.
-Next up to the podium is the local Sheriff. He asked everyone to please imbibe in moderation
and warns of the dangers of drinking and cart driving.
-Last up is Lonjiku Kaijitsu, a local tavern worker. He thanked the Mayor and Sheriff, and
pointed out the ale stalls to the crowd. He closed by apologizing for his absence from the
fair this year, but urged everyone to enjoy themselves. He opens the fair to applause and
clouds of butterflies were released in celebration.
-Kiko, Morgrym, and myself head for the Rusty Dragon Inn to try more of the local cuisine,
courage spice salmon.
-Yu, meanwhile, blesses the new cathedral in Torag’s name.
-“Solemn” attempts to entertain the masses with his eidolon. He fails to keep much of their
attention with his humdrum antics.
-The populace were all over the place trying out foods, listening to music, and playing games of
all shapes and sizes.
-Easily distracted, I see gymnasts doing tricks on a balance beam and decided to show off my
ample skills. I leapt up and started to wow the gathered crowd with flips and tricks. Later,
we will discover that we were being watched and my performance got me noticed.
-Morgrym runs into Yu and they decide to join different teams for Tug o’ War. Helmdal bet Kiko 5
will get you 6g on Yu, while Kiko takes Morgrym. After much effort and making up for a weaker
team Morgrym wins the match and is quite a courteous victor. This test of strength gets both
Yu and Morgrym noticed by our mysterious observer.
-Solemn heads for the mudpits and once again using his eidolon attempts to entertain the crowd.
His eidolon cannot dance well ;however, and he fails to do so again, the crowd quickly
dispersed unable to watch such a horrible performance any longer.
-Helmdal also hearing about the Rusty Dragon Inn decides to visit it and asked for directions.
He heads over after receiving them and discovered the Inn closed for the festival.
-Kiko and I, famished from the activities headed over to the courage spice salmon tent and began
to eat it’s entire inventory. This also got us noticed by our observer.
-With everyone distracted, Helmdal took this opportunity to surreptiously case the local
domiciles. This suspicious behavior got him noticed as well.
-Solemn, having given up on entertainment, begins to ask around town about its history. He finds
out that the old cathedral burned down killing the old priest Ezekien Tobyn. Tobyn was
considered a great priest and the new cathedral was built over the old one. The Central
courtyard is a holdover from the original however.
-The sun begins to set at this time, marking the end of the day’s festivities. The new priest
accends the podium and holds up two stones, as he prepared to strike them together closing the
day, screams and inhuman shrieks sprang up on the twilight air.
-Giggling and dog cries can be heard from the shadows and then a sound that curdled my blood
could be heard. Goblin singing…then they came.
-Out of the twilight goblins poured. From around corners they came. Oozing out of the nooks and
crannies of the town. Dog slicers in hand and looking for blood.
-They surround the town square. A goblin can be seen off on his own investigating a tent. With a
concerted cry they charged the town square slicing and biting their way through the townsfolk.
-A goblin threw his torch at Morgrym, which was easily avoided.
-Helmdal, having not been in the square, is able to sneak attack one of them with crossbow
dealing it a medium blow staggering it.
-Yu enchants his sling
-Another goblin set a tent aflame while he is inside it, and is pinned under the burning canvas.
-Morgrym, leapt up after dodging the torch, and cleaved most of his assailant in twain with his
-A goblin within the food tent begins to gorge itself, disinterested in the killing. Kiko tried
to hit him with a vial of alchemist fire but fails to connect. The fire sputtered harmlessly
on the ground.
-Morgrym not satisfied with his one kill, continues on in a berserker rage and cleaves a third
goblin’s head from its shoulders.
-I was able to hit the final goblin in the shin with an arrow, but that didnt slow it down. He
pulled the arrow out and began to feast upon his own flesh. Solemn’s eidolon, sensing weakness
fell upon him and stung the goblin to death.
-Upon surveying the wreckage of the festival, dead bodies littered the ground and fire burned all
around. The cathedral’s priest implored us to help the town.
-We agree to help and decide to put out the fires and save the foodstuffs from destruction.
-While organizing water crews, a wagon at the edge of the square exploded, the fire finally
having found the black powder stores within.
-Almost as if it was a signal, a second wave of goblins flooded into the square besetting upon
us. This time they were accompanied by a larger goblin, a Warcaller, whom brandished a whip
and could be seen to give orders to the others.
-A goblin flings a torch at Yu and he is set on afire.
-Morgrym unleashes a warcry and charges the closest goblin inflicting a glancing blow.
-The Eidolon bites another goblin wounding it.
-I, after climbing a pole in the square, was able to hit the Warcaller with an arrow through the
chest. That didn’t stop him though.
-Kiko fires an arc of lightning at a goblin zapping him, but is unable to get it to arc to any
-Solemn narrowly misses a goblin with a crossbow bolt, and Morgrym is unable to get the upperhand
in his brawl.
-The Eidolon finishes his off gnawing through the goblins legs.
-Kiko, enraged by the carnage, hits the Warcaller with a burning flash and melts part of his
-Solemn attempts to climb the podium, but slips in a puddle of blood and falls down into the mud.
-I leapt down from my pole and was able to grab and restrain a goblin.
-Kiko critcally flame jets another goblin roasting him like chicken, from the inside out.
-Flexing my muscles, I fling the final goblin into the flames from the exploded wagon, his cries
abruptly dying off in the flames.
-We found 40g on the remaining goblin bodies.
-Yu chants a healing spell over our party in case of more assailants.
-We hear more screams and dog barking from outside the town and quickly head over to investigate.
-We arrived in a clearing. We notice a dog is torn to pieces and a man is hiding behind a barrel.
We aren’t seen on our arrival.
- Solemn and I, trading a knowing glance, both nock our respective bows and loose simultaneously.
-Solemn aimed for a goblin Wolfrider with his crossbow and deals him a glancing blow.
-I aimed for the goblin’s wolf and loosed an arrow right through its eye socket slaying the
vile beast.
-Kiko charges forward and swings his glaive in an arc. He uses the butt of it to club a second
-Helmdal used us as a distraction and snuck behind another Warcaller. He sneak attacked and was
able to slice the Warcaller.
-Kiko, dropped his glaive, and threw flame jets at the two remaining goblins.
-Yu summoned a damned dirty dire rat!
-Solemn is able to daze a goblin using magic.
-Seeing my most hated of enemies enter the battlefield. I throw myself with reckless abandon upon
the dire rat. I was able to vicously bite it.
-The goblin Warcaller used the break in the action to swing his sword at Morgrym whom is able
to sidestep most of the blow, but is still gouged along his thigh.
-Kiko, having picked his glaive back up, skewers another minion removing his arm and
penetrating deep into his ribcage.
-The filthy Dire Rat narrowly avoids its deserved death at my hands and wriggles away to
attack a goblin biting its ankles badly.
-Solemn’s Eidolon tackles the wounded goblin and eats its face drowning the goblin in its own
-Morgrym swings his axe into the Warcaller’s side causing it to fall to it’s knees. He then
pulls out his warhammer and flattens the Goblin leaders head.
-Aldren Foxglove stands up from behind the barrel, thanks us, and then compliments us on our
fighting skill.
-Amiko Kujitsu approaches and offers us all a room at the Rusty Dragon Inn for a week to
recover from our wounds.
-We found 300g on the corpses and split it up 50g apiece.
-Our company weary from battling, escorts Aldren to the Inn.
-On our way we can see villagers picking up the pieces of their ruined festival and gathering
up the dead to burn.
-Kiko gives another bottle of alchemist fire to a guard to help with the pyres.
-We arrive at the Inn which is a 3 story wooden building with a giant sylized rusty dragon on its roof gripping a large lightning rod thrust into the sky.
-We split up into our rooms and go to sleep.

End of Session

Synopsis of Session 4

May 24th 2013

(insert Pathfinder date here)

You have completed the trials and have been accepted into the Pathfinder Society as full agents. Your adventures have taken you throughout the city of Absalom, from the Petal District, to the Docks, and even a flaming sewer! The decision was made to join with the Grand Lodge of Absalom, and you are awaiting your first full assignment.
As every agent advances in the society they make a name for themselves. You gain favors, forge alliances, gain respect or infamy, and one day perhaps your names will even grace the pages of the prestigious Society Chronicles. How will you carve out your corner of the world?
Venture Captain Ambrus Valsin has generously given you time to get your feet wet in the city before sending you out as representatives on behalf of the society.
Take some time and get acquainted with the city.

-It has been almost a month and half since I have seen my companions. After being dismissed at the conclusion of our last mission we all filtered out to our private lives. I took up work as a dock worker myself.

-I was excited about tonight since we all agreed before leaving each other to meet up at the
Pathfinder Lodge and enjoy a meal together. Being so amped up for the occasion I had decided
to wear my dress cloak.
-I arrive first and take a seat at a table just off the center of the room. Looking around there
are only a few people seated: a couple of elves in the corner, a dwarf sitting just across
the center of the room from me, and three tables of various Pathfinder recruits eating
-Tess the barmaid took my order and I watched her ample behind sach’e over to the bartop, then
settle in to wait for my friends.
-Venir arrives first dressed to the nines as always. We greet each other in friendship and he
sat himself down. We discuss various topics from weather to local politics, both of us waiting
for our other companions before delving too deep into what each of us has been doing.
-Helmdal arrives soon thereafter,wearing his normal recreational clothes having apparently
stayed on saving our rooms at the Parhfinder Lodge. I could respect that decision, but I had
wanted to see the city.
-As he walked up to the table his gait seemed to trigger a memory within me. I couldn’t quite
grasp what it was before he arrived at the table with his usual scowl acknowledging Venir and
I with a simple nod of his head and sat down. He began carving something into the table top
listening to Venir and my conversation.
-Not long after him followed Morgrym, whom summoned Tess over to the table as he sat down with a
huff. He informs us that Kiko would not be joining us, and since Engmar would be meditating at
the convent at this hour we might as well get something to eat and enjoy ourselves.
-Morgrym seemed to be wearing his work uniform.
-He informs us that he has been working as a blacksmith. This did not surprise me since his
people seemed to be able to work wonders with metal.
-Morgrym appeared jovial enough, but I noticed his smile waver slightly when looking at Venir,
who to his credit seemed not to notice.
-As the first round of Dragonfire liquer is served conversation begins in earnest.
-Looking back on events, I did notice the dwarf from across the way move a few tables closer
but thought nothing of it at the time.
-Speaking with Helmdal we learn he has been working as a messenger or delivery boy having lived
in Absalom so long routes were second nature.
-He informs me that there has been a string of robberies over in the lower Market area of the
city. Not much to go on, but worth investigating if I ever find the time.
-The coversation continues with Venir asking us all to refer to himself as “Solemn” when he
produces a mask that he has started wearing. Something to do with his new job as an apothecary.
-Tess bring over another round, and as she walks away, I proceed to do my best imitation of
her walk flicking my tail from side to side. Everyone laughs at this and the Dwarf I
mentioned earlier even tips me 1gp. I thank him for his patronage and rejoin my jovial
-I go next telling them of my adventures on the Cuttlefish , even showing all of them how to
tie a sailing knot. Helmdal had difficulty, perhaps from some previous injury as he seemed
to favor his right side, but did eventually succeed.
-Not to be outdone on vocational spoils, Helmdal produces a silver inset ring worth about 20
silver. He excitedly stated that he had received the ring as a “tip” from one of his clients
, given to him in appreciation for a job well done.
-Having finished our meals and catching up, we order a final round of Dragonfire whiskey and
prepare to leave.
-Suddenly a Pathfinder lieutenant entered the room and looked around expectantly. Seeing our
table he rushes over and asks if we are the Pathfinder contingent that counted Engmar
Silvertouch among its members.
-We inform him that we are, and he informed us that he had orders to escort us to Commander
Valsim’s office.
-Upon inquiry he states he has no other information, and at a bit of a loss, we follow him to
the Commander’s office.
-Valsim gets right down to business and tells us that something very strange and dangerous has
happened to Engmar. Standing next to the Commander was a very officious looking priest.
-He introduces himself as Leland Fahr, Highpriest of the Cathedral.
-He describes a supernatural happening that afflicted Engmar during meditation. A reddish
light enveloped him and he cried out in agony. It lasted but for a moment according to the
priest and then all was well again for a time.
-As the highpriest had been finishing his own meditations ;however, a cry rose from the other
priests and a circle cleared around Engmar. A strange glow seemed to emanate from Engmar’s
eyes and raising his hands he clapped. A bright flash of light and he was gone. Nothing to
suggest he had ever been there, but a red glowing rune burnt into the floor.
-Hearing this we are obviously distressed, but the Commander tells us we cannot investigate
the scene and search for our friend until we after our next mission.
-At that moment the door opened. The dwarf from the commissary entered the room. Leland Fahr
introduces him as Yu Wolfstaag and Commander Valsim informs us he has been assigned to our
group as the prerequisite “spiritual” leader for our group.
-He tells us to use the next two weeks wisely and to prepare for a very difficult mission
whose details and ramifications were just now coming into focus. He would have more to tell
us during our brief in two weeks.
-We depart his office with more questions than answers.
-Sensing that things were just beginning to get interesting, I say my goodbyes and cross town
back to the docks. I could hardly wait to hear what the Pathfinders would throw at us next.

-End of Session

Ambush in Absalom

-Captain Darius calls for meeting.
-Find a package intended for Guaril Krela at the Pickled Imp.
– The messenger has disappeared with the package.
-We traveled to the last place he had been seen.
- After a thorough examination of the scene it was concluded that the messenger had fled with
the package to the sewers.
-I, being of sound mind and body, jumped down the open sewer grate immediately.
-Everyone else follows
-Engmar, not used to such physical movement, slipped as he hits the ground and toppled face first
into the smelly, brown water running down the middle of the sewer tunnel.
-Morgrym, due to his short stature, also slipped and faceplanted into a pile of excrement.
-I remember thinking to myself that, I would never be able to get rid of the smell if that had
happened to me
-Checking our surroundings I was able to find some footprints leading west down the sewer tunnel.
-The prints belonged to our missing messenger boy. They were mixed up quite a bit, but I was
also able to discern that he never doubled back.
-Morgrym, Venir, and Kiko led the way down the tunnel. Our speed did not allow for caution
though and they sprang a trap. The floor dropped out from underneath them, the bottom of the
pit bare rock after a fifteen foot drop. None are able to fully avoid the trap, but Morgrym
is able to blunt some of the fall by dragging himself down the side as he fell.
-Helmdal throws them a rope to help extricate themselves. All succeeded climbing out.
-Suddenly from down the tunnel where our quarry had gone, we began to hear voices approaching.
-Kiko, lit a fire, which is bad. Fire is even worse when in an enclosed space. Darn near
catastrophic if that enclosed space happens to be a methane filled sewer.
-We are able to identify a group of Kobolds who are alerted to our presence by the lit torch.
-Morgrym attempted to attack the lead Kobold, but failed missing it and slamming his weapon into
his toe.
-While the Kobold is distracted, Helmdal drops his concealment and performed a sneak attack.
-I quickly knock an arrow and with tremendous force, was able to penetrate through a rear
Kobolds shield and into his throat killing him.
-Morgrym, enraged at his failed attack, grabs the other minion Kobold and flings him up through
the air and into the pit trap.
-Kiko thinking quickly sets fire to the rope to prevent the Kobold from climbing up. With his
other hand he brandished his glaive and quickly cleaves the lead Kobolds head in two. As a
final coup de gras, Kiko stepped up to the edge of the pit with a maniacal grin and dropped
in a bottle of alchemist fire incinerating the final Kobold.
-Thinking are mission might be in danger we quickly recover ourselves and continue down the
tunnel. After a few more feet we hear various feet scuttling across the ground intermixed
with the drips of tepid water falling from above.
-We rounded a corner and out of the side tunnels flows out 9 more Kobolds
-Kiko without hesitation flinged another ball of fire, using his flaming touch, into the midst
of 8 combatants, setting all 8 Kobolds on aflame.
-One of the flaming Kobolds, ignoring the pain from the flames, rushed me. I was able to trip him
into the sludge in the down the middle of the floor and held him under until he quit
-Morgyrm using the blunt end of his weapon uppercut a Kobold’s head into the ceiling cracking
open it’s thick skull.
-Another kobold, using the fire left over from Kiko’s spell, set a ball of poo aflame and
attempts to throw it at Morgrym, but misses splattering fire on the wall.
-The dribbling flame begins to spread across the floor after a few seconds.
-Venir is tripped by the liquid shitflame ball, but with much concentration and skill was able
to critically damage Chief Altergrik with his crossbow angering him.
-I leapt atop another minor Kobold and shot an arrow through his chest pinning him to the
floor. I guess I wouldnt be retrieving all my arrows this day.
-One of the final five kobolds sensing his imminent death throws himself into the flaming pyres
around the room and died muttering Draconic gibberish.
-Venir’s eidolon, sensing it’s masters’ distress, attacks Chief Altergrik, and bit off his face.
-Helmdal performing clean up duties punched one of the last four Kobolds in the face engulfing
him once again in the flames.
-Kiko cleaves another into two pieces
-Morgrym, in a fit of rage, swings his weapon in an arc creating a blood collage on the wall out
of the final two Kobolds.
-After searching the corpses we find 5g apiece.
-Seeing a chest, I ran forward and aquired the package containing the recipes we were supposed to
find and deliver.
-Morgrym said he could hear water lapping against rock at the end of one of the side tunnels.
-We follow as a group.
-At the end of the tunnel we exit out of a pipe that drained into the harbor.
-Half the party threw themselves out into the water in order to take a bath. Some had
forgotten that they were not good swimmers the stench was so strong.
-After saving our companions from drowning we head for the Pickled Imp.
-After our arrival Guaril Krela asks for his package. I hand him the book. He is most displeased
that we opened the package and refused to accept receipt of it. After many attempts to assuage
him he leave the shop dejected, failing our mission.
-Upon our arrival at the Pathfinder Lodge, we are admonished by Captain Darius for opening the
-Everyone goes to take a bath after leveling up and receiving 5 more gold for our time.

End of Session

Session 2 Synopsis

March 1st 7:22 P.M.

(insert pathfinder date here)

-This will be my second journal entry as an official member of the Pathfinder Society. Contained herein is an accurate account of what transpired for me and my companions. May our actions bring us honor (and if not at least a few chuckles).

After our first mission my companions and I retired to our rooms to clean up for a state dinner we had been invited to. With only three hours to prepare, and in need of fine clothes for the occasion, I prevailed myself of the lodges tailor. As did Morgrym, Engmar, and Venir.

-Kiko decides to abuse his inheritance again and go shopping for a higher quality silk in Absalom’s markets and Helmdal, whom I am beginning to notice has antisocial tendencies, accompanies him saying something about needing a poke. I’m not quite sure what that means, but it sounded less than enjoyable.
-The tailor arrives with plenty of time to spare and brings along a vast assortment of vestments, robes, silks, and embroidery. How he managed to fit all of that cloth into his modest case I shall never know.
-Venir after trying on almost everything the tailor had, and haggling over the price to an
extreme extent, finally settles upon red robes with black trimmings and a black cloak
with onyx inlaid upon the edges.
-I settled upon a simple dress cloak of white, that provided ease of movement and more
importantly, allowed for the full extension of my tail.
-Engmar had the tailor running back and forth assembling a Purple robe with red silk inlay,
and a faux gold filigree along its edges.
– Morgrym, constantly reminding us of his “royal dwarven heritage”, demands a special
commission of a royal purple robe, clasped in gold, and his personal insignia embroidered
on the back of his flowing cape.

-Kiko and Helmdal, after leaving us in the Lodge, head for the Market district and split up.

-Helmdal, having seen a suspicious character at the entrance to a small alley across the way, quickly splits off from Kiko who seems to be enamored with a certain female vender with a wide array of silks on display.
-Kiko, surveyed the choices and decided on some extravagant silks costing him 300g.
-Helmdal, having gone to the market to obtain a knife, approaches the suspicious character,
finally recognizes him as a street performer. After a quick conversation they step into
the alley.
-Kiko continues to roam the stalls and steps closer to a jewelry vender, but after he had
surveyed the wares decides that he has spent enough money already today.
-Within the alleyway, Helmdal inquires of any possibility of aquiring a knife that cannot be
traced. The performer happens to have one and gives it to him. He quickly slips back out
of the alley and meets back up with Kiko.
-They return to the lodge to find the rest of us already dressed and ready for our trip to
the Petal District and the party. There are only twenty minutes left and it will take up
at least fifteen to travel to our destination.
-Helmdal realizes that he has no finery to wear for the occasion and ;regretably, makes us
late. This of course reflects poorly upon us as Pathfinders.
-He takes his sweet time deciding upon a white cloak, trimmed in lace, with small daisies
trailing down the sides of his garment.
-Finally clean, dressed, and well to do looking we set out for the Petal district and what
would eventually become our next mission.

-Upon arrival Morgrym’s dress draws many stares from around the room, few having seen
something so ‘regal’ I presumed.
-Venir and I go out on the dance floor enjoying the music and festivities.
-Helmdal notices that there are two guards on the otherside of the room standing next to
double doors. Kiko and Ingmar join him in approaching the guards.
-After questioning them, the guards refuse to allow them entry without all of us, so they
called over me and Venir. Eyes followed us across the room all the way up to the double
-We entered a room full of account ledgers and gilded walls. Defintely affluent.
-Coming face to face, with our mission giver, we find Amara Li wearing a flowing blue gown
and knives in her hair.
-She welcomes us to the Lantern lodge and wishes us a happy Snap-Dragon Festival. She then
gets right down to business.
-She has lost a family heriloom, in the form of jade katana, that disappeared during an
earthquake. There are now only ruins present that are hundreds of years old. She has also
heard rumors of undead roaming the area. This prospect did not excite me overmuch. She
wants us to retrieve this heirloom and return it to her here at the lodge.
-We inquire if there have been any other Pathfinders dispatched on this mission. Amara
Li was cagey, but does admit that she has sent some Eagle Knights already, but that
their mission failed.
-Amara Li, motioned over to a military man, whose name is Major Maldris.
-Kiko takes immediate offense to the man, and gratuitously farts for all to hear, then begins
a string of insults that I will not repeat in this log. They….did not bring us honor.
-He described what he could of the Eagle Knights previous attempt at recovery. Stories of
grotesque undead and the slaughter of his men. During the briefing, he seemed to display
a penchant for slavery.
-After the briefing, we are allowed to attend the party before setting out on our mission.
-Morgrym and Kiko immediately head for the barrels of beer along the wall.
-I grab the first drink offered to me and head back to the dance floor.
-Helmdal, Venir, and Ingmar head for the visiting dignitaries to mingle.
-There they meet a finely dressed individual whom had noticed the party as it arrived.
-His name is Aaqir Al’Hakam of the House Kadheera
-He claims the ruins belong to the his house, but does have a proposition for the party. He
suggests that if we were to find trade agreements while visiting the ruins that he would
owe us a favor.
-The party regroups a while later and returns to the Pathfinder lodge and our individual rooms
to rest up for the beginning of the mission the next day.
-There is a knock on the door at 5:30 A.M.
-Everyone visits the quartermaster to prepare for the mission.
-Helmdal takes a Heavy Mace
-Venir also takes a Mace
-As does Kiko
-Finished gearing up, we head out on our mission determined.
-After traveling for hours we arrived at an unnatural ravine.
-A portal into the rock was located in the cliff face. There are three tall rocks hiding any
terrain around the door from view. I notice signs of movement high above us, but am not able
to accurately locate its source.
-Helmdal, attempts, and is successful in climbing the cliff face. He inspected the door and
discovered a rope catch in its face. He ties on a rope and threw it down to us.
-Climbing was uneventful, except for Ingmar fallingonce during his ascent, but he only
received minor injuries.
-After recovering from his fall, and climbing the rope, Engmar attempts to detect any magic
around the door and finds none.
-Then above us, on a hidden ledge a ghoul droped down from his perch to question us. I’m
embarrassed to say that I did not sense his presence at the time.
-The ghoul was wearing a blue tabard. Venir and Helmdal question him about what he might
know about the inside of the door in the cliff. The ghoul seemed to feign a lack of
-Without warning, Morgrym attacked the ghoul, and killed it. Further inspection of his tabard
reveals he belonged to a previous expedition for the katana.
-Several attempts to open the door prove fruitless. Kiko then asked everyone to step away and
concentrated. The door flew off its hinges. As the dust settled around the opening no signs
of recent activity could be detected. Helmdal performed a quick trap check, he found no
traps, but Venir did find a trade agreement, that he pockets, wedged between a rock and the
side of the tunnel. His inspection of the document reveals it to be an accord between the
Talikashad to the Racknoth, mentioning there might be a secret about the jade katana that
few know about.
-The party then continued into the cliff face down the tunnel. The walls changed from dry rock
to a gooey substance. Morgrym, leading the way, draws the ire of a large spider after
walking through its web. He began jumping up and down, shouting for someone to get it out of
his beard. Then almost as if by magic all of us looked up at the same time. Above us was
it’s mother!
-Here the group split into two to provide a harder target and to investigate the sounds
coming from further down the tunnel.
-Venir and Helmdal remained with Morgrym to fight the spider while Satian, Engmar, and Kiko
continue on into the next room.
-Venir’s eidolon, having been imbued with the mind of a scorpion, quickly reacts to the giant
spider and slays it out of hand.
-Meanwhile, the party members within the other room were ambushed by a giant ooze like amoeba.
When it attacked us the door to the chamber closed us in. Leaping out of the way, I was able
to avoid its initial strike and retaliate with a well placed arrow, killing it. I’m not
quite sure what I hit that killed it so quickly, but I’m not complaining.
-Using his magic, Ingmar blows the door ajar.
-We could hear the rest of the group somewhere close, and headed in that general direction.
Very strange to find a prison here inside a cliff, especially without guards.
-Kiko opens the first door and finds nothing.
-Kiko blows open another cell door and finds the bones of some kind of beast littering the
-Morgrym kicks in a cell door
-He finds signs of recent use and a very ornate well sunken into the floor in the middle of
the room.
-Morgrym approached the well and investigated it.
-Without warning he flung himself down it yelling, "It’s at the bottom, I know it’s at
the bottom. He was able to come back to his sense and catch himself before hitting
the bottom, but not before taking some minor scrapes.
-Venir performed another detect magic spell over the shouts of the fallen dwarf and was able
to acertain that the face of well was susceptible to damage and it seemed to possess a mind
altering effect.
-Even so prepared, Venir succumbs to the call of the well and leaps down it about 12 feet
, spraining an ankle in the process. Helmdal throws down a rope to both Morgrym and Venir.
Morgrym muttering under his breath was able to climb the rope to safety. Venir was not so
lucky. He grabbed onto the rope and began his ascent. Then promptly gave into the compulsion
again and fell a further 15 feet sustaining significant injuries.
-Finally, Helmdal was able to defeat the well, rending from it an evil spectral presence.
-Engmar, now safely able to look down the well, is able to notice the bone fragments of
several races at the bottom. Remnants of poor souls that werent as lucky as us.
-Finally, blowing open one last door we reunited with our allies.
-Engmar then opened the door leading into the final chamber of the tunnel and we found what
looked like an abandoned library.
-Inside Kiko discovers and deciphers a Quellish scroll, related to House Kassad and the
-While reading the scroll a skeleton rose from the dust and grime in a corner of the room.
-I dispatched it offhandedly with an arrow hardly taking my focus from Kiko’s face as he read.
-Continuing on we stumbled upon some lost kobolds who we were able to convince to help us
seek the katana.
-Engmar, Kiko, and myself then destroyed some nasty looking beetles that were littering the
floor of the tunnel and discover more trade agreements written in Quellish.
-At the end of the tunnel our party discovered a dias with a firewalker upon it. Acting fast
and without much plan of attack, surprise being our greatest ally, we set upon the
firetalker. Helmdal is eventually able to immobilize and destroy the walker. From it’s ashes
we found the Katana.
-We all leave the dungeon and exit the tunnel.
-Saying goodbye to our companions we rest and call our wagon driver to take us home.

Part 2

-On our trip returning to Absalom we decide to take a closer look at our prize.
-Morgrym while examining the katana more closely, discovered that the handle could be
removed. He then did so and revealed a hollow. A note fell into his lap. It was
covered with more Quellish writing and another language that the more learned
colleagues within our company informed me was Tianese.
-The note contained contract agreements, troop movements and war materials.
-We decide that due to the duplicitous nature that our services had been tricked into
retrieving this damning evidence of war mongering that we would feign ignorance of
secret cache and anonymously ransom the note back to the Lantern lodge at a later
date. (each character receives 6g)
-Arriving back in Absalom and knowing our precense was not expected at any certain time
we split up to resupply ourselves and explore the city.
-Engmar decides to go to an apothecary
-Many hawkers flout their wares, but he has difficulty finding one since he wasn’t
familiar with the cities layout.
-Helmdal decides to help him and they wander inside.
-Engmar asks for fireflies, but the shop keeper informed him there were none.
-While browsing the shop ;however, Ingmar does notice a backdoor and a small cat.
-After haggling with the shopkeep, Helmdal is allowed to see the secret of the shop
and Ingmar is able to buy his fireflies for 25g.
-Helmdal pulls Ingmar from the shop with the intention of locating a weapon shop or
-They hear rumors of a blacksmith whom works out of a stable that is rumored to make
custom weapons.
-After locating the blacksmith the negotiate a commission, and Helmdal buys a
Masterwork Mace for 327g.
-Afterwards they rejoin up with the group at the Pathfinder commissary and eat.
-After dinner Kiko takes a closer look at the trade agreements and is able to ascertain
that everyone mentioned within them is still alive, thus validating them.
-As a group we decide it would be best to take the trade agreements to Prince Al’Hakam
in the morning.
-We divide into our individual rooms and get a well needed catnap.
-The next morning we set out for the Prince’s Palace. Upon our arrival we find the
Prince in good spirits. He is open to negotiation and agree to, “How do the
Absalamese put it?”, owe us one.
-He inquires about the success of our mission for Amara Li and hints that if we were to
say “spontaneously fail” at our mission he would compensate us with a boat of our
very own. We politely refuse.
-We exit the Prince’s palace and head for the Lantern Lodge where we present the katana
to Amara Li.She was excited to receive the Jade Katana, but after a surreptitious
look at the hollow within the handle her face grew frustrated. She asks if there had
been any other thing we might have found on our mission that would be of some use to
her. We hold fast and say that no we had found nothing else.
-Amara Li sighed then, and brought her smile back to her face. She thanked us for our
help and pledged to help us if ever needed in the future.
-Having completed our mission we leave and run into the Major.
-He seems quite interested in the outcome of the mission (we omitted the ransoming of
the note)
-The Major promises to put in a good word with the higherups about our performance
recently and he genuinely seems impressed.
-We return to the lodge and our apartments.

Part 3
-There is a knock on the door. I opened it to beheld a young pageboy.
-Captain Darius had urgent need of us.
-As I was brought before him I took in his appearance.
– He was lean muscle and blue eyes incarnate. You could see in his eyes that he was no
stranger to violence.
-The mission he wished to assign us was of a delicate nature so he took us into his office.
-Then in a low and serious voice explained that he needed us to escort an artifact to a
prearranged rendezvous. We would also be escorting Nestor Rees, an appraiser whose
survival was critical to our mission. Upon reaching the rendezvous point in Eskodar,
he was to negotiate the exchange of our artifact for an Aslanti relic.
-He also warned us that the Consortium is also seeking the Aslanti artifact, and would
probably make a move to delay or destroy us during our journey. We were given free reign
to protect the artifact at all costs.
-We decide that in order to prevent the Consortium from being able to track us we will make
use of a decoy ship, complete with crew, and spread rumors around that the Pathfinder
Society would be using it in order to surreptitiously transport something valuable. We would
then make our way over land instead of by sea thus throwing them off the track. We are
introduced to Lady Marella who will be in charge of the decoy ship.
-Captain Darius was not at liberty to discuss the nature of either artifact, and so we head to
The Siphons, a tunnel system within the Puddles, and meet Grandmaster Torch, the Master of
the Pathfinder Spy Network.
-Arriving in the Puddles, we make for an inn, an inn where we will be put up for the night
while our rumor circulates and keeps all eyes on the docks.
-After settling into our rooms we made our way to the Siphons
-The Grandmaster is there as arranged. He warns us we will need a map to get to the
rendezvous point. He further admonishes us to keep a watchful eye for any suspicious
behavior and to report it if able. He wished us luck and we left.
-Leaving Grandmaster Torch’s “office”, we run into our appraiser Nester Reyes. We scooped him
up and brought him back to the inn. After setting up watches we settled in for a long night.
-The next morning we slipped out through Northgate, no one the wiser, at least that was our
-A few hours later we came to the end of the road for us and set out into the woods. Following
some game trails we made decent time through the trees. Suddenly the forest went quiet. I
knew from my time growing up in the jungle that such an occurence could only mean one thing,
-A group of Centaurs crashed through the underbrush and surrounded us. After taking in our
measure their leader, Urdel Thunderhoof, warns us of a wild animal that has been attacking
local farmsteads and travelers within the woods. We assured him that we were prepared and
thanked him for his concern.
-He gave a stare that seemed to say he doubted it, but after a minute nodded his head and ran
off with the rest of the group.
-Not long after running into the centaurs we came upon a river with a broken bridge.
-Seeing no easy way across and that the current was too strong to swim (not that I would
choose to swim), we were forced to come up with a different option.
-I unslung my bow from my back and tied an end of rope onto the shaft of an arrow. I then
loosed the arrow across the river and it embedded itself into a tree trunk. I tied the
other end of the rope off onto a tree trunk on our side of the river and used the rope to
shimmy across. My companions upon seeing me followed suit. Three of us got across without
any mishaps. It felt to good to be true and…it was. Venir after getting halfway across
the river slipped and began washing downstream. Helmdal and Ingmar made repeated attempts
to throw him a rope before he left our range. Finally, Helmdal was able to slip a sling
around his arm and pull his waterlogged unconscious body to shore. I’m a feline and could
swim better than this shadow creature. Everyone else is able to make it across without
-Kiko, making use of the respite, examines the area and is able to ascertain that the
undergrowth has begun to thin out suggesting a clearing ahead.
-While he does this I examine the recent animal activity and find some tracks that I cannot
identify and could only assume that these belonged to the creature Urdel warned us of. I
informed everyone else of this news.
-Sure enough, five minutes from the river we find an old campsite that has not been used in
awhile, but still had a circle of rocks for a firering in its center. We assign watches and
camp chores. Everything taken care of we settle in for sleep.
-Late that evening/early the next morning while Morgrym was on watch, the Krenshar attacked.
-Morgrym had walked a few feet from the fire in order to relieve himself. He found some
promising bushes and began to unbuckle his trousers.
-Looking back up he found himself face to face with the Krenshar. It opened it’s mouth and
released a blood curtling scream inches from Morgrym’s face. He relayed to me later, in
confidence, that he could feel the spittle fly from its undulating throat and the fear he
felt was so strong he relieved himself right then and there.
-Hearing the scream, I lept to my feet and drew an arrow to my cheek. I took a deep breath
and held it. I let fly straight and true. The arrow zipped right past Morgrym and down the
Krenshar’s open mouth cutting off it’s magical scream in mid crescendo. Only a gurgle
escaped it’s lips from then on. I believe the sudden silence woke our companions as much as
the scream, as they all sprang up, weapons drawn ready for a fight.
-I set to work skinning the Krenshar and while doing so notice that Urdel has entered our
campsite. He is impressed with our work, thanks us profusely for ending the reign of the
beast, and offers to trade us valuable pelts for the hide of the Krenshar. We readily agree.
-We all receive 6g for our service to the wood.
-We set out again, quickly come to a mountain pass, and begin climbing steadily higher. The
air cools and become downright freezing by evening. Knowing we need to find shelter soon we
search for a campsite.
-We quickly came upon a wagon surrounded by three frozen corpses.
-Searching their bodies we found nothing but the cold weather gear they were wearing. Not
thinking they would need them any longer we stripped them and gave their suits to Helmdal,
Engmar, and Nester Reyes.
-We tilt the wagon over and use it as a partial windbreak, set up watches, and hunker down for
a cold evening.
-Everyone awakes the next morning a little frost bitten, but none the worse for wear.
-Traveling further down the mountain pass, we make great time, everyone eager to leave the
cold behind us. Just as we could see the end of the pass another glimmer up on the cliff
face caught my eye. I pointed it out to the party. Myself, Morgrym, and Venir’s eidolon were
able to scale the cliff face and we found a bejeweled altar and statue of Taldan origin.
-Unable to discern the markings on either we were stumped. I ;however, just had to see if I
could pry a gem loose from the altar. Using a little elbow grease the gem popped free.
-Not wanting to be left out, Morgrym decided to take a coin that was resting on the altar.
After taking it a sudden feeling of unluckiness settled upon him.
-Venir, using the eyes of his eidolon, was able to discern that the gems had been placed on
the altar in a pattern. Further examination however proved fruitless and we returned down
the cliff face.
-At the end of the pass all we could see was a huge bog stretching out before us.
-After slogging for awhile through the muck Engmar suddenly held up his hand signaling us to
halt. He said he could hear chanting in Draconic from a log cabin set back from the main
trail. He said that he couldn’t understand it all, but he did recognize the word “children”.
He also mentioned he thought the voice was coming from a female.
-As a group we decide to ask the lady for directions on how to leave the bog.
-As we approach the cabin an old kobold appears and shouts something in Draconic.
-Engmar, acting as a translator, asks the creepiest thing he could. He tells the kobold that
we wish to see her children.
-She screamed at the top of her lungs for something called “Snappy” to defend her clutch. We
really should get Engmar to brush up on his people skills, even I know that people dont like
it when strangers ask to see someone’s child without even introducing themselves.
-Venir reacting quickly attempts to beguile and daze the kobold to no avail.
-Simultaneously Helmdal tries to sneak up next to the kobold, but at the last second snaps a
twig revealing himself standing behind her less than 5 feet away.
-Snappy apparently was a pet name for a giant alligator whom enters the fray with a roar. I
attempt to calm him down, but with his bloodlust raging he was deaf to my words.
-The kobold responds to Helmdal’s presence with an entangling roots spell which Helmdal
barely avoids.
-Morgrym, shouting out his battle fury, power attacks Snappy but misses.
-The bog mother climbed on top of a huge log and snarls at us.
-Helmdal lept up after her, but only manages to become entangled by her sorcery.
-At the same time Morgrym becomes entangled in roots as well, but this does not slow him down.
He bashes the alligator causing it to thrash about clearing harming the creature.
-Just as the bogmother attempts another incantation I was able to pierce her throat, silencing
her forever. Taking advantage of the sudden turn of events, I hurl myself atop the alligator
and finish it off by penetrating one of its eyes with another arrow.
-After searching the cabin and divving up the loot we all come out 12g richer. I personally
feel bad about having to kill the alligator, he was used by a vile witch against his will
and was not responsible for his actions. I will make penance later.
-Traveling only a few more miles we finally make it to the end of the bog. It tapers into a
river with an adjacent fishing village.
-We enter the village with the intent of finding passage across the water. With Escodar so
close and the village seeming almost deserted you would think the people would be eager to
pick up passengers to supplement the meager exports they would be sending to the city. Well
you would be wrong.
-There are only three ships moored at the meager docking area. One is captained by a woman,
another a man, and a small Otti whose captain we could not see right away.
-Venir approaches the woman and requests for passage. He is rebuked without explanation.
-He proceeds to the small Otti and asks for passage. The captain offers to take all of us for
55g each. We decide this is too expensive and move on to the male captain’s ship.
-He offers passage for a very cheap amount seeming almost desperate for us to take his ship.
-While some in our party prefer to travel on the cheap, it’s decided that his motives seem
unsavory and we beg off.
-Before any of us can think of what to do next, Venir tells us to wait and disappears around a
corner. He returns soon in the disguise of an ugly woman. He approaches the woman captain
again seeking passage. She sees through his “clever” disguise and this time forcefully
refuses passage.
-We decide with the mission in jeopardy, what would be the harm in lightening our pockets a
bit and approach the captain of the small Otti, and after a few rounds of negotiation he
agrees to ferry us for 25g each, except for Venir whome must pay 35g since he looked quite
strange in his dress.
-We arrive in Escodar 5 hours later and head for Grindylow’s Goblet.
-Once again setting up a watch, my tired companions and me fall asleep in short order.
-The next morning Nestor awoke the party early in order to get to the docks in time for the
-When we arrived the Aslanti were waiting for us. They were Lower Aslanti representatives,
distinguishable by their long necks, no hair, and small gills. At least that was what Kiko
was telling us as we approached.
-There were a single male, Shayol, and two females, Ahrmisa the smaller and Ulionestia the
-Venir sits at the table with Nestor to negotiate.
-They produce their relic and we produce ours as a show of good faith. The Aslanti relic is a
stonecross with hoops on the ends, almost like an ankh. Ours it turned out was an ordinary
looking book.
-Seeing the Pathfinder relic, Ulionesta grabbed her glass and shattered it as a signal for her
companions to attack.
-Calling upon magic, Ulionesta flares the sources of light in the room and plunged us all into
-Sensitive to light changes Morgrym groans from the other room due to the flash.
-Kiko, having started to move as the lights peaked, was able to stab Shayol through the neck.
-Helmdal dispatches Ahrmisa by flattening her skull with his mace.
-Venir, having been knocked unconscious during the initial scuffle, his revived by Ingmar and
promptly hides under the negotiating table. Considering the beating he took I cannot see how
I could blame him. Fetchlings seemed to be brittle creatures. Perhaps drinking more milk
would help them become more durable.
-I am able to get close to Ulionestia in the dark while she was distracted with her chanting
and am able to lop off her head with a single swipe of my sword.
-Everyone except Morgrym receives 52g from the looted bodies, as well as, a letter intended
for the Consortium.
-Nester, appalled by the drawing of blood, suggests we leave post-haste.
-We immediately book return passage on the Otti and begin our journey back to Absalom. It
passes uneventfully. Our decoy boat obviously doing the trick to keep the Consortium off our
-We arrive back at Lodge and are ushered in to see a very exuberent Captain. He showers us
with praise and promotes all of us to full Pathfinder Agent status.
-Upon our return to our quarters, we discover many letters and notes from the various factions
we have been performing missions for. We sift through the detritus and weigh the various
pros and cons of each contingent. After much deliberation and process of elimination we
decide to affiliate ourselves with the Grand Lodge.
-Our actions gave us 2 prestige points
-Session Concluded.

Session 1 Synopsis

Synopsis scribed by Satian Urzoul

Overview of Website
– House rules
– When a character takes a second class type, that character will roll the new classes hit
die when leveling up to determine hp increase.
– Character death- loss of a single level, companions must carry the body to the nearest town
and must spend half the PARTY’S gold to resurrect the character.
– Total party death results in an ending to the current session, all characters must return
to the last town that has been visited by the party, loss of level and half of party gold,
the encounter or instance will be restarted at the next session.

Game start
-Recitation of the note left for each character from the Pathfinder Society.
-A town crier singled out me and my future traveling companions from a crowded square and
attempts to convince others in the crowd that with, “Heroes such as these whom wouldn’t want
to join the society. Enlisting now!”
-Apparently, from here on out I will be working with the other Heroes pulled from the crowd.
these include a brown human wizard of some skill named Kiko, a rogue from a species called
Elves I was told named Helmdal, a very short, hairy, and smelly Dwarf named Morgrym, a half-elf cleric
called Engmar, a shadowy being that doesn’t talk much named Venir, and of course myself an
exiled Catfolk by the name of Satian.
-The Society crier is nice enough to fund the final purchases of our group including some
ink and parchment I’m using right now to keep track of this document.
*The crier takes us to our new Captain whom explains to us what our first mission will consist

Assignment 17
– A man named Guaril resides at the Pickled Imp Curio shop. He has a task for us involving
rare books.
– Ollystra Zadrian requests aid at the Temple of the Shining Star. She requests we deliver
a parcel of medicine to needy orphans and to verify the character of the recipient.
– Dreuhedt Salhar resides in his office within the Wise quarter. An agreement is in place
to allow access to his estate. Your arrival will finalize the agreement. Please do not
embarass the Society in this matter.
– A Chelish Paracountess Zarta Dralneen has an item from our vaults. Please gain access to
her estate within the Ivy District and retrieve this item.
– The Captain gives us the choice to select what order we may accomplish these tasks. I would
have preferred to go to the orphanage, but our group elects as a whole to help Guaril first.
– Kiko kindly volunteers to pay for our passage around the city for the evening using a

We utilize this transportation to visit the docks and the Pickled Imp
-Guaril wishes us to visit an old, abandoned warehouse to check on some goods of his, and
retrieve these said goods and return them to him. The goods are being stored in a crate
that has three skulls inside of a triangle. Upon further questioning we discover that
these said goods might not exactly be of a legal nature.
– Upon traveling to the warehouse a kind man gave me a fish. Oh and we found the goods
being supported by a floor post over a gap that fell to the ocean floor below. Using a
crane and moving crossbeam we were able to suspend Helmdal over the goods and collected
them without further incident.
– Oh yeah, during this procedure we were set upon by food, I mean Dire Rats, three of ‘em.
Stupid food, Rats are for Cats.
– Upon the return of Guaril’s illegally obtained and imported rare books, Kiko tries to
persuade Guaril to share the knowledge contained within the Tomes. He however refuses
any and all offers of remuneration. Kiko upon leaving states he will return and try
again later. Why he would think the man would negotiate while sleeping when he wouldn’t
awake I have no idea.

We decide to head to the Temple Shrine after leaving Guaril’s
– During the carriage ride to the Temple, while sitting atop the contraption, I could
have sworn I caught a glimpse of someone following us.
– Priestess Ollystra Zadrian is very happy to see us. Apparently the Temple has
contributed to local orphanages within Absalom in the form of medicine. Some
of this medicine could fetch a high price on the black market; however, and the
veracity of a one Auntie Baltwin must be ascertained. One cannot be too careful
when dealing with such organizations and we must make sure to watch after
children being taken advantage of.
– While playing a strange game of crush the rock with some children, Venir and I
discover that Mrs. Baltwin seems to be renting out the children to other members of
the neighborhood to help clean their houses. This in turn, as explained to us by
Auntie Baltwin, helps to provide for the children. While a dubious practice in my
opinion, both Kiko and Morgrym seem to be fine with the practice. Perhaps it’s a
common custom among non-Catfolk.
– Auntie Baltwin offers tea to our party, of which only Morgrym, Helmdal, and Engmar decide
to partake. Meanwhile: Venir, Kiko, and I go upstairs to check in on the sick
children. I continue to play with the young ones upstairs while Venir and Helmdal question
a sick child. We find out that the children are receiving the medicine that is given to
Auntie Baltwin. Her cupboards are well stocked with the medicine though. Helmdal believes
this to be significant.
– Later, when we reconnect with our companions, I was told that Auntie Baltwin was also so
heavy a drinker that she apparently took from a flask with her tea.
– Did I forget to mention that Auntie Baltwin kept common housecats? Disgusting creatures,
hardly more intelligent than newborn kits.
– After much deliberation among us, we decide to hand over the medicine to Auntie Baltwin if
she quits her drinking.
– After leaving to Auntie’s, once again it seems that we are being followed by a mysterious
– Upon return to the Temple, we inform the Priestess of all that we have seen, and suggest
the Temple research Auntie Baltwin a bit more thoroughly before rendering further aid to
her establishment.

After completing this task, our coalition decides to go to the Wise quarter and pay a visit
to Dreuhedt Salhar in his office.

– His manservant usher’s us into his office. I found him to be a bit self-inebriated, but
in an effort to not embarrass the Society we kindly listen to his request. He wishes us
to enter the vaults, and retrieve a map from a locked chest. It seemed strange to me that
he could not enter into his own vaults to recover this item, but once again in an effort
to please our host we graciously accept.
– Dreuhedt Salhar’s manservant leads us to a very ornate door. It opens and inside could be
seen three chests, a wicker basket, and a red satin box. All of our company enters into
the vaults, and the door promptly slams shut behind us.
– Kiko once again dazzles the group with his knowledge of runes, and reads the inscription
upon the door. He informs us that it gives us a limited amount of time to complete our
task, or doom shall befall us.
– Engmar approached the red silk box and opened it finding a strange sight. A key was
suspended within an acid solution. I attempted to retrieve the key using thread and a
fishhook to no avail. Thread proved too easily dissolved by the acid. Helmdal meanwhile
approached the wicker basket and is attacked after opening the lid, by a vicious snake.
– Having dealt with a much larger version of the vile creatures in my past, I quickly run
across the room and begin slaughtering the viper.
– Kiko takes the key from the bottom of the wicker basket during the aftermath and matches
it to the green chest on the left. He opens this chest. Inside he discovers an ornate key
that seems to be festooned with costume jewelry. While Engmar attempts to help Helmdal
with his grievous injury, Kiko notices a key has phased into the room through the ceiling.
– I am nominated to leap up and grab it since I am the tallest, and being a cat, the most
limber of our company.
– Grabbing the key I notice that it is devoid of any markings or runes.
– Engmar notices that the brown chest on the right is also devoid of any markings.
– Unable to control my excitement, I rush across the room and open the chest. When the key
clicked the lock open a pressure trap released a purple mist at both Engmar and me.
– We both dodge with varying amounts of agility, such a silly trap unable to catch either of
us unaware.
– At the bottom of the chest we find the map and a Wand of Knock with three charges which I
scoop up claiming my prize.
– The vault doors open and the manservant is there waiting to escort us back to his master.
– Morgrym decided then either from rage at being locked into the vault or perhaps just an
obscene hatred of chests attempts to shatter the middle chest with his warhammer.
– He fails when his hammer passes right through the chest and slams into the ground
rebounding in his direction. Being adept at the use of weapons; however, he avoids such
a deadly strike deftly.
– Venir, having missed Morgrym’s outburst, then attempts to melt open the non-existent
chest using the jar of acid. This predictably fails, but avoids the acid backlash from
such a foolhardy decision.
– Salhar thanks us profusely for performing our task with such flying colors and bids us
peace upon our journey.
– Engmar, while exiting the provincial establishment, informs us all that Salhar is one
of the local high councilors of Absalom. Apparently he is well versed in the local
political hierarchy.

Our task complete, we set off for the Ivy district to see the Paracountess Zara Dralneen.
– The roads as we approach begin to look much cleaner to the naked eye, but overall less
opulent than the Wise district.
– Once again I notice a lady following us. When I wave in her direction she quickly flees
– Arriving at her estate, we leave the carriage and immediately notice some red glowing
pillars. Kiko is able to ascertain they are powered by benign demonic enchantments.
– Helmdal keeps muttering about damn Chelish this and demonic liars that.
– We knock on the door and are allowed entry.
– The Chelish Paracountess requires our assistance recovering a box within her bed
chamber. We musn’t open the box because it is protected by locks and enchantments that
would cause us harm. There is something in the other room that is also trying to get the
box and it wants it open.
– I notice that Kiko keeps giving the Countess looks that seem charged with some kind of
primal energy. Helmdal, as well keeps shooting daggers at her with a grim expression
on his face.
– All of our instructions having been given to us, we enter the room warily. Inside the room
a fire imp is trying to get the box open. He is so quick he appears to transport around
the room instantaneously.
– Helmdal in his rage at seeing the demon, critically wounds the beast with a single hit,
causing it to retreat into a cupboard along the wall; weakly moaning in pain through the
– The Paracountess is extremely pleased at our work, and invites us to return at any time.
Remuneration can be had if we only agree to return again soon. Kiko, Morgrym, Venir, and
Helmdal agree to return. Engmar refuses on grounds of her character and I because
Paracountess= fire. Fire=bad. Kiko told me.
– Having completed all our tasks for the Society, we decide to take Venir to the doctor, due
to his poisoning at the hands of the imp.
– On the way to the doctor, our carriage is held up by a demonic light festival clogging up
the streets. We are forced to abandon the carriage and continue on foot.
– I, unable to stop myself, run into the crowd dancing and singing with all the townsfolk.
– The press of people begins to lead us into an alleyway, but having seen so many strange
faces today, we proceed cautiously into these quiet quarters.

That is when the ambush struck.
– I won’t bother to relate the details of the attack from such a pitiful force, but I will
relate the names of those whom struck down assailants in that alley.
– Morgrym dispatched Ledford, Larkin, and Halli.
– Kiko finished off their leader Cassandra.
– During the fight Venir was able to finally shake off his poison removing our need to find
a doctor.
– We returned successfully to the Pathfinder Society and received our reward.


Called to the Society
Welcome Adventurers

You awake from your night’s sleep to find this message pinned to your chest. You have no idea how it got there or who delivered it…

Callto adventure


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