Society's Demise

Synopsis for Session 7

Sept 9th, 2013

insert in game date here

After a vicious night of fighting, and with more combat sure to be on the horizon as we come closer to our deadline imposed by our antagonist, I decide to get some rest and the rest of the group agrees that sleep is a good idea. Waking up from my slumber under the stairs, I slunk up to the bar and ordered myself a morning milk. The bartender brought me my milk and then two notes of particular interest. The First note was from the local Dock master requesting that we finally turn in our ship manifest. Gathering up the rest of our Pathfinder group as they awoke we quickly got together and and filled out the form, in triplicate, detailing our crew, a motley lot if ever there was one, and cargo, of which we had very little at the time being. The Second note was of more dire import, from Amiko Kajitsu’s brother, inviting us to come save his sister at the family glass works on the other side of town. He warned us to tell no one of the kidnapping or there would be consequences. Sensing that this would be a trap we all decide to not bring unessential gear, quickness and stealth being our greatest allies in such a venture. I stored my surplus gear in our room at the Inn, Helmdal volunteered to deliver the manifest to the Dock master after stowing his excess gear on the ship. During this time Kiko began to meditate preparing himself for the bloodshed to come and Yu being of less martial character, headed to cathedral to pray for our success and to treat the local wounded from the goblin attacks during this short off time. Personally I don’t feel that religion has much to do with our success or failure, but to each their own. Once Kiko was finished meditating we headed for the Kajitsu family glass works. We scout it out from across the street along the roofline until Helmdal is able to rejoin us, and having seen no activity during that time we approach for a closer look. At ground level the building looked like a normal warehouse, only two doors for entrances and exits. Trying the first one and finding it locked, I motion to Helmdal over my shoulder. He comes over and after a few minutes of working the lock in tandem with picks and my Wand of Knock, we are able to gain entry quite silently. Entering a small vestibule with two doors leading to long corridors, we take stock of our surroundings and decide that the best way to search the building would be to break up into two parties, the idea being that we would be able to cover ground more quickly this way. Helmdal opened the right door, after checking for traps, that led to a long corridor with wooden walls. Yu opened the other door that led to long hallway made from stone and wood. Standing quietly we strained our ears to hear any sounds of movement, but nothing could be heard down either hallway. Helmdal and Venir head down the wooden hallway while Kiko, Morgrym, Yu, and myself head down the half stone hallway. Proceeding down the stone and wood hallway cautiously so as to not make too much noise, my group comes upon another door. With no other viable options to proceed, we nominate Kiko to open it. The sights and smells that assaulted my eyes and nose after he turned the knob will forever be etched upon my psyche. The main production floor was very long, tables occupying the center of the room for its entire length. A high arched ceiling towered above us, tall stained glass windows to our left that had seen better days, and the main attraction three humongous bellows used to melt and shape the glass along the right wall each one taking up a fourth of the width and a full third of the length of the room. They remained cool at that moment, work here obviously being long past its prime. The architecture however, was not what immediately drew the eye. Each table was littered with various body parts and gnawed upon bones of humans and the air was rife with decay and the stench of dried blood. Further inspection of the bones revealed to the trained eye that the gnaw marks were made by goblin teeth. A lot of goblin teeth. Meanwhile, across the glass works, and continuing down the wooden hallway, Helmdal and Solemn began a room by room search. The first three rooms they come to appear to be empty storage rooms. They discover a workers dining room on the fourth try though. Everything in the room appeared normal, but after entering the room claw marks could be made out on the table and walls, which also showed blood splashed in various places around the room. A struggle had assuredly occurred here, but there was no sign of bodies. Venir opened the door on the other side of the room and discovered a small servants quarters that also had blood on the wall and floor, but no other signs of a struggle. Back in the main work room we had ventured further into the space, Morgrym and myself readying our weapons. Yu, from the doorway, quickly cast Detect Magic, but is only able to sense old emanations, nothing recent. We begin the grisly work of trying to ascertain what happened here. Again across the warehouse, Solemn and Helmdal continue down the hallway opening doors, finding various storage spaces and a few desks that must have been manned by clerks at one time. Helmdal rifles through each one finding papers addressed to Longiku, but nothing of much import. Soldiering on, Helmdal and Solemn found a reception area also covered in small amounts of blood, but could find no sign of forced entry. Off the reception area Solemn finds a file room with a desk covered with receipts from both Sandpoint and Magnamar. Helmdal meanwhile finds a small side room with an open safe on the floor and various chemical reagents used in the process of dying glass scattered on the floor around the safe. On the production floor Kiko, Yu, myself, and Morgrym were able to conclude that the room had been the location of some kind of last stand against the goblins. The door at the other end of the production floor had been barricaded and then assaulted from the other side by something big. The door had given way at some point under the assault and it was from there that the goblins had been able to gain entry and begin their slaughter. Making a close inspection of the footprints around the room I was able to place the number of defenders at around twenty or so people, and most of them had been at the door when it was broken down. There wasn’t enough body parts around the room to account for so many defenders so we presumed the worst had happened. It was at this time that Solemn and Helmdal entered the space through the same door that we had. The looks on their faces showed that they had discovered similar tableus elsewhere in the warehouse as neither seemed to surprised to find such carnage. Helmdal approached a door close to our entry point that had gone unnoticed until that point. Opening the door revealed it to be another storeroom with powders used in glass making to allow or prevent light from passing through. While he checked out the room, I began a cursory inspection of the cold furnace and found the ground slick with blood and the remains of the other defenders’ charred bones. What hadn’t been eaten raw had been cooked and burned here in the furnace. The signs of struggle and pandemonium made it impossible to find out how many and what type of goblins had attacked these poor men no matter how closely I looked. There was only one more door set in between two furnaces, and as Helmdal approached it to investigate, one of the stained glass windows on the other side of the factory floor shatters drawing the attention of everyone in our group. In walked a group of goblins screaming a high pitched battle cry warning us all that the time for investigating was over. Issuing our own battle cries, we rushed as a group to meet them head on and combat ensued. At that very same time, each of the three furnaces lit as if by magic and began to heat up. Quickly surveying our assailants as they advanced on our party I was able to make out eight targets, some armed others unarmed. The lead goblin charged ahead of his compatriots, two of which followed him, straight at Morgrym, a distance of over thirty feet. Morgrym, his warhammer already drawn, stepped forward to engage them. Kiko responding to Morgrym’s body language, recited some arcane words and infused Morgrym with magic increasing his armor value by one. Helmdal, never one to rush into anything, cautiously moved forward keeping Morgrym between himself and goblins. As a group the goblins continued to advance on us, those that were unarmed picking up shards of broken glass to use as weapons. Already having my bow prepared, I drew an arrow from my quiver and loosed a shot that went wide of its mark, but served to slow the goblin’s advance somewhat. Solemn and his eidolon moved to the right of our main group preventing any goblins from circling around behind us. At this time the lead goblin finally met Morgrym head on, but missed a vicious slash with his dogslicer causing Morgrym to laugh heartily, the two other following goblins moved to either side flanking Morgrym and attack in tandom. Goblin two with broken glass was able to scratch Morgrym, drawing a little blood but not much else. Goblin three almost scored a consecutive hit, but sensing the danger Morgrym was able to block the slash with the haft of his warhammer at the last second. With three goblins engaged with Morgrym, Kiko used his position to separate goblin six from the group and with a wrist flick and a side step was able to bring down his longsword from the side and removed goblin six’s face from his head dropping him to the floor. Goblin five upon seeing the death of his companion charged Kiko armed with only a piece of broken glass and thrust his makeshift weapon toward Kiko’s groin. Kiko anticipating the attack stepped back and avoided the blow. Helmdal engaged goblin four with his morningstar, and was able to score a glancing blow off the goblins side drawing no blood, but eliciting a yelp of pain and a noticeable limp. Even injured as he was goblin four took advantage of Morgrym’s being occupied and stabbed forward with his dogslicer drawing blood from Morgrym’s side, but causing only superficial damage. Yu, behind the rest of the group, fell down to a knee and began praying to the gods in whispered words that I could not make out over the sounds of battle. Goblin seven, dropped his dogslicer and removed some tongs that had been half in the newly lit furnaces. As he lifted them over his head, I could see they were glowing red hot. Goblins three picked up a piece of glass arming the last of them, and with goblin five advance into the second ranks of our group trying to single us all up. Knowing that their main advantage was their numbers and that Helmdal had scored a decent hit on goblin four already, I sighted down my arrow and releasing my breathe, loosed an arrow that flew true and pierced the back of his head exiting between his eyes and caught the fletching on the back of his skull. He twitched once or twice unaware that he was already dead before falling to his final rest. Solemn continuing to guard against further flanking maneuvers, moved up behind his eidolon put up his rapier, and drew out his crossbow. His eidolon responding to a closer opponent closed with goblin five and jumped forward his teeth bared. The eidolon was able to latch onto goblin five’s leg but unable to pierce the skin. Goblin five quickly rolled over ripping the eidolon’s jaws from his leg and knocking it prone. Seeing an opening, goblin eight dashed forward and using his dogslicer was able to make a gouge out of the eidolon’s side, blood welling up in the wound. Morgrym still in combat with his two remaining assailants, bunched his muscles and swung his hammer in an arc using all his strength toward goblin two. Reacting quickly the goblin steps back out of the deadly arc. Morgrym used his left over momentum to pirouette to his left and come back into a fighting stance with his shield drawn facing goblin one. Kiko surprised goblin two after he dodged Morgryms attack by impaling the foul beast, twisting his blade to great effect and continuing his thrust up and over, flinging the goblin into the now glowing blue flames from the furnace. Seeing the odds now even Helmdal readied his morningstar for any other goblins that might wish to quarrel with him. Goblin seven pressed his advantage against the eidolon, swung his red hot tongs over his head and down into the eidolon’s thorax. The swing was wild however and only scorched the poor beast raising a small puff of smoke, but causing little lasting damage. Finishing his prayer Yu, rushes forward and flips over the eidolon and his two attackers on his way to Morgrym about fifteen feet away. Goblin one stabbed at Morgrym with his glass shard and missed completely, the Dwarf being much better at hand to hand combat when not surrounded. Goblin three hurled his glass shard in frustration trying to his Solemn, but missed completely. Sensing the loss of their numbers advantage and their situation growing more desperate, goblin five also tried to throw his glass shard at myself. I had plenty of time to avoid the missile, and not being directly threatened at this point I looked around the room to see if I could find anything to help tip the odds further into our favor. Coming back to the windows along the left wall a plan forms in my head. Solemn still standing over his eidolon, readied a crossbow bolt in case any of the goblins broke combat with us to run or make a break away from the action. His eidolon recovered, having grown back it’s teeth, flipped over on it’s legs again and with a high pitched squeal crawled up to goblin five’s neck and tore a chunk out of its neck spurting blood as the goblin screamed. Having lost his advantage over the eidolon goblin eight instead decided to surround Morgrym again, and drawing his dogslicer was able to draw some blood from a quick jab to Morgrym’s arm, a solid blow, but not devastating. It seemed to only enrage Morgrym, who spun, and swung his hammer in a downward arc, attempting to flatten goblin eight where he stood. Whether the rage in his brain, the slow loss of blood, or the surprise of being attacked from behind again I don’t know, but the quick attack whooshed by the goblin and splintered the floor beneath the creature throwing it off- balance but dealing no damage Kiko channeled his energies into his blade once again, and sliced goblin three from shoulder to hip and stepped back. Flames licked up and down the wound quickly consuming the goblin and with a shriek the fiend imploded sending a bloody rain of hair, leathery skin, and flame into the air and surrounding floor tiles. Goblin seven swung his now cooling tongs at the eidolon and missed wide the eidolon shifting from left to right. Yu, charged with spiritual energy from his stout faith, channeled a healing light into Morgrym closing his wounds and stopping the blood flowing from the various cuts and scraps that he had sustained from fighting. The effects could be seen immediately as Morgrym stood taller and was able to regain his breathe. Goblin one extremely angry at Kiko for the destruction of his comrade slashed out and grazed the nomad’s leg drawing blood. Goblin five picked up another piece of glass and threw it at Solemn and succeeded at hitting the back wall shattering the weapon on impact. Still having no target of my own I ran toward the windows preparing to leap out. Solemn still has his crossbow bolt prepared, but could not get a clean shot at any of the goblins so remains standing his ground waiting for his opportunity. Releasing goblin five, the eidolon scrambled forward and attacked goblin seven with another bite, ripping a chunk out of his hip. Goblin eight tossing his dogslicer from hand to hand advanced on Morgrym and getting the dwarf to commit to a right side attack, switched weapon hands at the last second and cut deep into the left side of the dwarf causing the fighter to stagger from the blow, but Morgrym did not go down. Seeing red from such a deep cut Morgrym lashed out viciously with his war hammer pouring every ounce of pain and hate into his attack against goblin one. He connected with the goblin’s shoulder breaking it’s arm. With such a wild attack however, he did not have the presence of mind to continue his attack into goblin eight. Kiko, continuing to pour his mystical abilities into his martial prowess, attempted to spit goblin one but failed to make contact. Helmdal from across the room began to shout encouragement to Morgrym. Elves, as a rule dislike, dwarves, so such an action was hardly a surprise, as Helmdal decided to watch the fight rather than to help the dwarf. Since Morgrym was in no immediate danger, I could not fault him. Morgrym was a deadly fighter, and I’m sure Helmdal would receive more experience learning to fight more like him by watching rather than actually attempting to help. Goblin seven backhanded the eidolon with his now room temperature tongs, causing no scorching, but definitely hurting Solemn’s pet as I could hear bones crunch with the blow. Our cleric attempted to enter the fray swinging his mace at goblin one. He missed over a duck on the goblin’s part and shattered one of the windows along the left wall, his mace ringing off the side window pane. After ducking under Yu’s attack goblin one stabbed forward with his slicer, scoring a glancing blow off Kiko’s side as Kiko twisted to avoid the blow. Goblin five however was able to penetrate Kiko’s right side defenses and stabbed deep into Kiko’s shoulder drawing blood, a yelp of pain, and breaking Kiko’s concentration. Kiko staggered back from the blow, a look of surprise on his face. Continuing my run I gracefully leapt out of the window and began to run alongside the building. As I passed each window, I was able to catch a snapshot of the action. Solemn charged goblin seven attempting to push him into the fire making contact, but only throwing the goblin off balance. flash Goblin 8 misses a violent uncontrolled slash at Morgrym. flash Morgrym missing a downward slam with his hammer and stepping back from the action causing all three goblins around him to try to hit him, but fail. flash Kiko drinking a health pot while the goblins are distracted. Glancing behind me I could see that Helmdal had followed me out of the window and moving one window up the room jumping back inside. flash Yu preparing an offensive spell and moving up to support the group. flash Goblin one nicking Kiko with a backhand slice, while Kiko dodged goblin five slash. Reaching the window at the other side of the room, I gathered my muscles and propelled by my momentum jumped up and through the last window in the wall. I broke through the glass smoothly, but had misjudged the window’s height from the floor catching my leg on the window’s edge. My forward momentum swung downward and slammed me into the floor knocking the wind from my lungs. Quite an embarrassing change of events if I do say so myself. The eidolon attacked goblin seven, but was unable to score a hit. Solemn providing backup for his eidolon finally loosed his crossbow bolt, but shooting carefully missed his target. Goblin eight having maneuvered next to the eidolon stung the shadow puppet, but drawing no blood. Down to a single target again Morgrym slammed his hammer to the ground, and bullrushed goblin 8 throwing him back offbalance five feet toward the licking flames. Kiko down to a single target as well finally presses his sword through the chest of goblin one and heating up his sword, melts the bastards skin through its ribcage and down into its lungs. Smoke pouring from it’s mouth, it never even screamed and instead fell silently. Helmdal having used his foray outside to drop from sight, snuck up and backstabbed the off- balanced goblin eight. Goblin seven missed another swinging tong attack against the eidolon. Yu stepped up and placing a hand on goblin seven’s arm channels deep immense pain into its feeble brain, causing its synapses to overload. Blood began to pour from its eyes and nose, and falling to the floor it died screaming. Goblin five seeing its companions starting to drop shouted out in goblinese, which I cannot speak, and attempted to vault over Kiko and make a run for the broken door at the other end of the hall. It never landed however, as Kiko anticipated it’s cowardice, and lifting his sword bisected the stinking coward down the middle in mid leap. The halves making a wet slap against the floor as they landed five feet apart. Goblin eight began to scream the same phrase over and over towards the broken door. Apparently it’s cries were heard as a shadowy figure stepped into the doorway behind Solemn and threw a bare fist into the small of his back connecting and throwing Solemn to the floor. Recovering from my ill timed leap, I knocked an arrow and fired. Goblin eight died blood bubbling on it’s now silent lips as my shaft penetrated through its heart cutting short it’s cries. The eidolon scrabbled up onto a table and leapt atop the new monk in defense of its master and tried to grapple him to the ground, but failed sliding off the man back to the floor. Solemn picked himself up off the floor and regrouped back with the rest of us, winded but no worse for wear. Morgrym stepped forward and swung his hammer landing a blow to the stranger’s shoulder, but apart from a bruise, seemed not to effect the monk. Responding to the new threat Kiko cast a temporary shield around himself causing a faint glow and engages who I now recognized at Tetsuo, brother to Amiko, using the butt of his longsword. Kiko hits Tetsuo in the gut, but not with much force. Tetsuo responds by throwing a flurry of jabs and punches into Kiko knocking him back and causing him to become winded. Helmdal attempted to jump back out of a window, he succeeds, but cuts his leg on some of the broken glass as he exits scoring a slash down his leg. Yu put up his mace, drew his sling, and started to twirl it over his head in quickening circles. I shot an arrow at Tetsuo, who arced backward causing me to miss. The eidolon stepped off the table and tried to bite Tetsuo’s ankle, but moving too slowly was easily dodged. Solemn moved to the left side of Tetsuo and readied another crossbow bolt. Morgrym swung his war hammer again and failed to connect. Kiko recovered from the onslaught of blows from Tetsuo muttered a few words and thrust his hand forward in Tetsuo’s direction emitting a flame jet that caught Tetsuo full in the chest catching his clothes aflame. Pirouetting in place Tetsuo discarded his now burning cloak behind him, complimented Kiko on his magical skill with a wink, and flipped over Morgrym landing behind him. Helmdal moving down the wall on the outside, stops and breaks another window preparing to jump inside. As the glass fell out of the frame he notices an old man strapped to the final table next to the broken doors. The man is covered in dye of many colors obscuring his identity from this distance. Yu, still twirling his sling over his head, suddenly starts to shine in the darkness, white light pouring from him and illumining every one of our party within thirty feet of himself, causing wounds to close and as for myself, I felt a new raw energy as if the previous goblin fight had never occurred. I fired another arrow at Tetsuo and he again dodged at the last second laughing off the attack. The eidolon bit into Tetsuo’s boot, but could not penetrate the leather. Solemn fired his crossbow missing wide. Morgrym arced his hammer toward Tetsuo’s side, but the monk leapt over the attack. Kiko released more flames in Tetsuo’s direction, but once again the fast monk was able to avoid the onslaught, laughing at our feeble attempts again. Tetsuo threw a punch at Morgrym’s face. Beset on all sides ;however, he is off balance and misses. Helmdal, having snuck back into the room through the window, and biding his time to avoid Tetsuo’s notice, got close enough to surprise the monk, stabbing him in the back drawing blood, and slowing Tetsuo down. The monk did not fall however. Yu recovering from the release of his spiritual energy moved forward in case his ministrations were needed. Tetsuo sensing that he was being surrounded, jumped up and kicking off Morgrym’s helmet catapulted himself back to the broken doorway so he could face us all. He shouted, “Your too late to save Amiko, how could you anyway when you can barely save yourselves? I’ll remove the skin from all of you one by one. I’ll sacrifice your still beating hearts to my new god. You all will die screaming for….gurgle, blurp.” I cut him off mid sentence with a shaft through his throat. He fell gurgling to the floor, holding his throat, and died. “Let’s see you hop around now” I said. Kiko found a small journal filled with maps and erotic drawings on Tetsuo’s body. The maps we recognize as attack plans, one with thirty goblins is circled, other larger attacks are not. One of the erotic drawings is of a woman with a demonic hand and fangs, some kind of fell sorceress. Kiko tries to identify what hand drew the maps, but drew a blank and could not identify their author. After that we go through the broken door and see only a single door. We open it and find stairs leading down into a basement. Solemn became a first rate volunteer to lead the way, as he “slipped” with Helmdal’s hand in his back, and fell down the stairs landing at their bottom. The rest of us followed him down and looked around the room. It was of medium size dank, dusty, and surprisingly empty save for a couple of empty crates their lids lying on the floor. Helmdal approached a desk in the corner and discovered more attack plans, but of a less specific nature. Morgrym, venturing to the back of the room, moved aside some crates and found a tunnel leading off to the east, back under the town. We all gathered at the entrance to the tunnel and moved down its length. We quickly came upon a door in the right wall. Helmdal checked it for traps. He didn’t find any, but continued to check the walls and the door for any kind of switch, tripwire, or spell and after a more thorough examination decried the door to not be booby trapped. Leaning over he made quick work of the lock and swung open the door. We found Amiko Kujitsu trussed up and badly beaten inside the cell. She was conscious and after we cut her bonds thanked us profusely. She also asked after her brother and father, which we were sad to inform her were dead. She took this news very well by my eyes and recovered quickly. She told us that anytime we were in Sandpoint we had free rooms at the Rusty Dragon Inn. She also told us that with the death of her brother and father she is now a noblewoman. She charges us to venture deeper into what appeared to be a Smuggler’s tunnel. We discuss it and decide a return to town would be wiser. Amiko clearly needs help to get back to the Rusty Dragon and we have no idea what sort of denizens we will find down there and should prepare ourselves for the worst. We pick her up and begin the trip back to the Inn.

End of Session



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