Society's Demise

Synopsis of Session 6

August 16th, 2013

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-We awoke the day after the raid rested and ready to begin out investigation into the goblin
-We all decend into the common room of the Rusty Dragon Inn, where the proprietor, Amiko Kajitsu
, hands Morgrym a note from Ambris Valsim.
-The note informs us that we are officially under orders to investigate the goblin raid and
to stay out of trouble. Shouldn’t be too hard for such as us.
-Amiko, informs us that a map of the surrounding countryside and town can be had at The Way North
, a cartography shop in the northern district of town.
-I notice as we rise to leave the Rusty Dragon that a young woman keeps glancing at me and
giggling to herself from across the room.
-Helmdal, sits at the bar and tries to overhear what the townsfolk were saying about the attack.
– He was only able to overhear the joy of the populous to even still be alive.
-We left the Rusty Dragon
-On our way to The Way North, a merchant runs up and shakes my hand. He thanks us profusely for
our actions the night before, and introduces himself as Grechus Mandar, a merchant from
– He further said that Ilsori Gendethus has a goblin farm in the basement of the Turandarak
Academy. This sounded dubious to me, but as a group we decide that it could be worth
checking out after we get our map.
-We came across The Way North, and the prominent shops owner, Veznutt Parcoh, a Gnome.
-He agrees to sell us a map and even gave us some information about points of interest on it.
-He told us the town was split up into two halfs: Uptown and Downtown. (Not very original)
– We ask him about the Turandarak Academy. He informed us that the children of the town
are taught there. It is split between an orphanage and a school. It is owned by Ilsori
-Veznutt Parcoh said he had heard nothing about a Goblin farm there, but that he had heard
the goblins had to have come over the North Wall and suggests that for more info we must
ask the Sheriff.
-We exit the shop and hailed down a passing lady, who was able to give us directions to the
Sheriff’s office. She gave Helmdal a loaf of bread, which I quickly purloined when he wasn’t
looking. Like he needs food anyway, he’s a reed of a man.
-We set out for the Sheriff’s office and find him exiting as we approached. He said his name is
Belthor Hemlock, and he is headed for the Cathedral, where there is something that we must see
– On the way there Sheriff Hemlock informs us that there is not a goblin farm in the basement
of the Academy, but that someone had left behind a ladder along the North wall
that allowed goblins to get in.
– He also told us, once again, that the whole town is very grateful for our having fought for
them the night before, and that they wished to celebrate us.
-Upon arriving at the Cathedral we learn that Tobias Ezqkian’s tomb had been defiled the night
before. We asked where it can be found and the Sheriff told us that we could find it in the
Boneyard, or local cemetary where 6 god worshippers are buried upon their death.
-We went around the Cathedral to the back where the Boneyard could be found and saw the Caretaker
repairing the damage from the night before. He pointed us deeper into the Boneyard once
queried as the location of the tomb.
-We headed towards the back of the cemetary and came upon an ancient vault, quite large, that
had been broken into from the front.
-While the rest of the party moved forward to investigate the cracked entrance, I began to
investigate the many tracks around the area. From the amount and depth of impressions I was
able to ascertain that six goblins of indiscriminate origin and a medium sized humanoid had
scaled the wall and approached the vault.
-Kiko examines the door first and was able to discover that it had been pryed open by some lever.
-Morgrym, thanks to his Dwarven heritage, was able to see rune markings carved into the stone
of the vault.
-Ever the adventurer, Helmdal sticks his head inside the crack to look inside, but could see
nothing. He told us we would need a torch to be able to see in the stygian blackness.
-Morgrym, ever patient, decided to wrentch open the door with his hands. As he pulled it open
we were immediately set upon by two shrieking skeletons.
-Combat ensued
-Morgrym, responding quickly to the ambush was able to take up a defensive stance as the
skeletons toppled out. He was unable to harm them though with the first swing of his axe.
-Ever the adventurer, Helmdal draws out his bow, and run to hide behind Kiko, shouting Elvish
-Having heard the commotion behind me, I turned around. Quickly taking in the situation, I yell
for everyone to look out, and lob my last bottle of alchemist’s fire between both of our
assailants. Both were minimally wounded by the explosion.
-Kiko, responding to my warning, rolls away, but not before lashing out with his Glaive and
crushing one of the skeleton’s skulls into its body cavity, creating a macabre picture of a
skull smiling through its own ribs before crumbling to the ground.
-Morgrym, in a fit of rage, swung his axe blindly, making contact with the second skeleton
breaking it into a thousand pieces and a cloud of bone dust.
-Helmdal, moving quickly, leaps into the tomb and using the little light from the entrance sees
a robe lying on the ground and a sarcophagus open at the back of the space.
-Kiko later informed me that by using his third eye he could detect magical emanations coming
from the robe and that it is was a Robe of Bones and that it was out of charges.
-Morgrym plods forward grumbling and sticks his head into Tobias Ezekian’s sarcophagus finding
it quite empty.
-Kiko could sense no more magical energies present so we exited the tomb to find the Sheriff
-The Sheriff told us that Tobias had been dead for ten years and that he had died in the fire
that had destroyed the old Cathedral. His daughter was suspected to have been inside with
him, but her body had never been found.
– The Sheriff had no idea why someone would want to take the precious bones, but did say that
Tobias had been the first priest to unite all of the factions of the six Gods. His
writings could be found with the town Historian, Brodert Quink, and that the cause of
fire had never been discovered.
-Kiko tried to recall any knowledge he might have for why the bones would be taken, but comes up
-I finish examining the footprints to figure out if the humanoid is male or female, and to my
astonishment, they were Male.
-It was now Midday, and we were famished. We decided to find some food and to find the Alchemist
, Aliver Pillbug.
-We arrive at his shop and inform him that his herbs could be used by those treating the injured
from the night before. We inform him that Venir and Korogen could be found at the Cathedral.
-Afterwards, we decide to grab a bite to eat at Crack Tooth’s Tavern and head that way. We
entered and see a stage towards the far wall and tables with chairs set up in a semicircle
around the stage. A large man can be seen standing up near the stage.
-We find a table and sit down to order our food when the large man approached. With a loud guffaw
he told us he was Cracktooth, and glittered a skant smile our way to remove all doubt.
-Cracktooth orders stag for all of us, and Helmdal graciously offers to buy everyone lunch for
five silver and we begin to grill Cracktooth for some information.
-Kiko went first and asked Cracktooth how long the lighthouse on the west side of the town had
been in disarray.
– Cracktooth said it hadn’t been in operation in over a couple hundred years.
-I asked him where would could find the town sage, wanting to find out more about Sand Point’s
history. He said the town Sages’ cottage can be found to the far west of town near the base
of the broken lighthouse.
-With nothing else to offer, Cracktooth goes back to work to allow us to eat in peace. As we
luncheon, we discuss what our next tact will be. Helmdal and I want to know more about the
town so we finish up and head West to the Sage’s house. Kiko and Morgrym decide to go to the
Academy to put to rest these rumors of a goblin farm.
-Having arrived at the Academy Kiko and Morgrym notice children playing outside of a three story
tall manor.
– The Children were playing a game of Hopscotch that Kiko told me later went like this:
-Here comes crazy man Das Konutt.
Mad as a cut snake in a wagon rut.
See how his chops go bouncity-bounce?
How many people has he trounced?
One! Two! Three! Four!
-They leave the children and entered the manor. There hey met Ilsori who allows them to
investigate the basement where they found nothing but boxes. He has nothing else to add to
our investigation, but does believe that maybe they could find something out at the Curious
Goblin, a small bookshop across town.
-Meanwhile, Helmdal and I arrived at the Sage’s home at the base of the ruined lighthouse.
– Helmdal, investigates the base of the tower and can tell that the lower level is intact, but
he cannot find the entrance.
-I knocked on the ancient door of the house and Brodert answers.
-I asked after the notes of the old priest and Brodert says that not too much had survived the
fire. He does hand over a list of the seperate faiths that Tobias was able to bring
together. He elaborated to say that the priest’s daughter, Nualia, was not truly his own
blood, but a foundling blessed by Desna. She possessed stark white hair and anyone who saw
her immediately fell in love with her. She saw this as a curse and a deformity instead of a
blessing however.
- Bordert told us that there were no voices of dissent against Tobias, Sheriff Hemlock was in
office at the time, and has kept the peace ever since. There were no reports of suspicious
persons that night and a coroner from Magnamar examined the burned body and found it to be
male, so it was assumed that it belonged to Tobias. Tobias was on good terms with Nualia even
though she was in her formative teenager years.
-The only other item he has that might help us is an old travel brochure of the surrounding
-Helmdal asked if he knew anything about goblin encampments in the area. He said no, but a
mercenary at the Rusty Dragon Inn might be able to help us with that. She was supposed to be
friends with the proprieter Amiko.
-Having thanked Brodert for his time, we decided to head back to the Rusty Dragon Inn and call it
a day. We find Kiko and Morgrym seated at a table when we arrive. We sat down with them and
exchanged our mutual information.
-A loud lordling by the name of Aldren Foxglove approached and offered to purchase us dinner. We
graciously accept and he joins us. He invited us to join him on a boar hunt the next morning
in the Tickwood. He offers to arrange for our mounts and that we can meet him at the Goblin
Squash Stables next door to the Inn in the morning. We agreed to tag along, and we then begin
to eat.
-During our repast we were able to pry from Foxglove that he was an Antiques Dealer from
-After dinner everyone else headed upstairs to get cleaned up, but I remained in order to figure
out why the same girl kept stealing glances at me from across the room. I approached her and
asked her if there was anything I could do to help her.
– She says her name is Shayliss Vender and that her father owns a general store that is
infested with rats. She had heard of my prowess the night before during the goblin attack
and was wondering if there was anything I could do to help her with the infestation.
-Always eager to eliminate such filthy creatures I happily agreed and we headed for the shop. We
go inside and downstairs to the basement. I was unable to see anything, but boxes and a cot.
-She giggled and began to undress herself, and led me to the cot obviously her fear of the
evil rats having faded now that such a strong Catfolk as myself was here. We began to lie
down together.
-Her father entered the basement and screamed at the top of his lungs, “Just what do you think
your doing with my daughter?”
-All thoughts of ardor immediately retreated, and I stumbled back out of the cot. I attempt to
explain to him about the rat problem and Shayliss having wanted me to help. We had only
tripped and fallen into the cot and my claws had accidentally shredded the clasp of her dress.
– Venn Vender did not believe my tale at first, but after some negotiation and crow eating and
the unfortunate insinuation that perhaps Shayliss had been dropped on her head as a child
we were able to come to a compromise. I would eliminate the rats and he would allow me to
continue shopping in his store and keep my furcoat intact.
-Over the next hour I was able to catch three small rats which I killed and stored within my
pack. With a final wave and a wink to Shayliss, I left unscathed and returned to the Rusty
Dragon Inn. I saw that Kiko, Morgrym, and Helmdal were all back in the common room. I ignore
them and immediately headed upstairs for bed.
-Kiko, meanwhile, was questioning Amiko about the mercenary, Sheleiloo. Amiko confirmed that she
would probably know something about the attack. Kiko took this information upstairs to bed
with him to ruminate upon.
-Morgrym and Helmdal had a drink together and noticed that no one of note remained in the common
room. They finished their ales and headed for bed themselves
-The Next Morning
-Helmdal rose at four in the morning and noticed that Foxglove’s stableboys were already up and
about. He informs the stable boys that all of our party would be setting out on the hunt.
-We all were up and about and had had breakfast by eight.
-Foxglove, truly excited for the coming hunt was punctual and led all of us out to our mounts.
-On the way he informs us that goblins are known to be afraid of being trampled by horses and
he doubts we will have to worry about them in the Tickwood.
-Davron Hosk, the Stable Master, has all of our steeds ready for us. The three medium sized of us
recieve fine stallions and Morgrym is presented with a pygmy Shetland Pony. Foxglove himself
sat upon a mighty fine white steed and we set out for the woods.
-On the way Foxglove seems to be very curious asking us about how we aquired our fighting skills,
and perhaps we could teach him. We humor him and answer his questions.
-After entering the wood, I traveled alongside the party looking for tracks along the ground. I
was able to find a large upthrust rock and quickly climbed it to survey the surrounding
forest. I was able to see a spot just ahead where some boars had wallowed on the ground. I
made hand motions to the party where our quarry was located, but knowing that in Magnamar,
the hunt was more fun than the actual kill, we lead Foxglove in the opposite direction.
-Further along the path we found a boar hair on the ground. I jumped off my horse and made a big
show of attempting to track which way the boar had gone and how many of them. I look at the
tracks on the ground, pick up a piece of grass and let it drop testing the wind, sniff the
air, and taste a pinch of dirt. All this seemed to excite the noble even more. I informed the
expedition of the correct path the boars had taken. Foxglove, not to be outdone, actually
tasted some pigshit and agreed with my assessment. Stupid Nobles…
-Foxglove leapt up onto his horse, and gallop away after the boar crashing through the underbrush
screaming a battle cry of excitement while holding his sword aloft.
– A few minutes later when we were able to catch up to him, we found him up a tree with a boar
circling underneath him huffing in anger.
-Combat ensues
-Kiko, without missing a beat, sets his glaive in his holster and charged the boar from horseback
inflicting a menacing blow, but not enough to drop the boar.
-Morgrym, attempted a flying leap from his pony, but missed the boar with his axe, burying the
head into the ground.
-Helmdal also reacted quickly, loosing an arrow into the boars side, only angering the beast
even more. Finding the source of his pain the boar turned around and gored Helmdal so badly
he passed out bleeding onto the ground.
-Morgrym, pulled his axe fromt he ground and swung again wildly coming quite close to hitting the
boar, but misses lodging the fine blade into a rock. He cursed profusely.
-Kiko circled around on his steed and with a final deathstroke impaled the boar through the back.
-The boar is slain, much to the glee of Foxglove who extricates himself from the tree with ease.
-Morgrym opened a health potion and poured it over the unconscious Helmdal’s wound.
-We skinned the boar and headed back to the Rusty Dragon Inn victorious and with much song.
-Foxglove was so impressed by our prowess he lets Morgrym keep his pony and expresses an interest
in the future of joining us on one of our adventures. Morgrym accepts the pony and pays the
stable boy 1g for his present and future stable fees.
-As we approached the entrance to the Inn we find a woman with a crying baby waiting for us
outside. Her name is Emil Beret, her sone is little Aaron and the baby is Era. Little Aaron
claims that a goblin comes out of his closet and sets cats on fire.
-Such an atrocity cannot be allowed to go without punishment I thought to myself, but he wasn’t
done. Apparently his dog Paddle was also eviscerated, small loss I thought to myself, and
his arm was ripped to shreds.
-We agree to check out the closet and head for the house, which we discover is two stories tall.
-When we arrive we also notice that the husband of Emil is missing. We went to the room and
found the dog dead upon the floor, a goblin peeking out of the closet, and see the feet of
Aldergost sticking out of the aperture.
-The goblin yells that this is Gresger’s house and our kind isn’t wanted.
-Combat ensues
-Morgrym, with a warscream from hell, rushes the goblin in the closet, but trips over Aldergost’s
legs and falls past him into the hole in the floor.
-Gresger, moving quickly, pulls out his knife from the dog’s corpse and attacks Kiko.
-Helmdal looses an arrow, but in such close proximity, misses comepletely.
-I was able to place an arrow into the fiend’s foot, but missed the achilles and other important
-Gresger slashed at Kiko, but fails to score a hit.
-Morgrym climbed out of the hole, and in anger used his power attack, misses, and splits the bed
in twain.
-Helmdal used the distraction to switch weapons.
-I was able to hit the goblins other foot with an arrow, but only clipped the side of his foot.
He ripped the arrow out the side of his heel with a ripping sound and seemed none the worse
for wear.
-Kiko swung his longsword scoring a long red line across the goblins chest, causing him to scream
in pain.
-Morgrym, having recovered from destroying the bed attempted a backwards slash with his axe,
missed again and shattered a bedside bureau instead. He would double as a demolition crew
if he ever decided to stop being a Pathfinder.
-In such close quarters both me and Helmdal miss with our individual attacks, not wanting to
accidentally hit Kiko.
-Kiko exchanged blows with Gresger both of them slashing and stabbing each other drawing blood.
-Morgrym, enraged at his general effectiveness called forth his inner reserves and swung his axe
with all of his might. Unfortunately, he critically failed and broke the haft of his axe upon
the floorboard.
-Helmdal, finally closed in close and was able to brain Gresger minorly.
-Following his example, I was able to sink an arrow into Gresger’s left shoulder finally slowing
him down a bit, for Kiko to deliver the fatal blow with his magic electrocuting the beast
and frying him up for dinner where he stood.
-Helmdal checked the hole and the tunnel beyond but found nothing.
-I checked the pulse of Aldergost, but alas he was dead before we ever arrived having bled out
from a neck wound.
-Helmdal, checked the goblins corpse and found no identifying markings on him.
-Emil Beret returned to her home hysterical.
-The Sheriff soon arrived and told us he would handle the clean up of the scene, and that we
should meet him at the barracks in half an hour.
-Amped up from our full day of tracking and fighting, we go to the barracks immediately and wait
for the Sheriff to return. When he does he tells us that the mayor would like to see us and
that Sheleiloo has arrived and is also waiting.
- We go and Mayor Devrin thanked us for all we had done for the city. The Sheriff introduced us
Sheleiloo, the elf ranger mercenary.
– She informed us of increased goblin activity between Valewood and Mosswood along the
Forgotten Coast. She is apparently a dedicated goblin hunter. She gave us grim news that
there are five goblin tribes in the area and they seem to be working together for the first
-The goblins that raided the town had been Longshanks and Mosswood broods. They seem to have big
plans and we needed to find out whom had brought all the goblins together in peace.
-The Sheriff was headed for Magnamar in the morning and he charged us with the town’s protection.
-We agree to further discuss matters over dinner with Sheleiloo at the feast that Aldren has
organized in our honor.
-We all sat down to eat.
-Suddenly the door of the Inn was slammed open, an old man with a cane entered yelling loudly in
another language that I did not understand. Kiko later informed me it was Menkinian.
-He looked outraged and came toward our table.
-Longiku Kijitsu introduced himself and thanked us for our "reckless and ill advised actions
against the goblins.
-Morgrym in anger responds venomously to that.
-Amiko quickly diffused the situation by coming out of the kitchen and starting a shouting match
with her father. He threw his hands up in disgust, and warned her that if she did not move to
Magnamar with him she would be disowned. He grabbed at her, but before any of us could come to
her aid, she walloped him over the head with her ladle and he disengaged.
-He yelled that she is dead to him and left the establishment.
-Afterwards, the boar was brought out and we all ate in merriment without further disruption and
everyone had a good time.
-Foxglove begs off and goes to bed before anyone else.
-Sheleiloo took that oppurtunity to come over and we hunkered down to discuss goblins. She said
that the closest ones were the Bird Crunchers led by Big Gugget cave dwellers by nature, then
Licktoad goblins of the swamp led by Borka. Then the Seven Tooth Goblins, scavengers led by
Korvas, but he had vanished. The largest goblin clan the Mosswoods led by Gutwad, then finally
the island dwelling Thistletops led by Ripnugget.
-There is a trader named Birthamus that trades with the goblins, but we must be careful, he hates
-I finish eating and give myself a tongue bath after such a long day and curl up in front of the
common room fire.
-Everyone else decides to follow my example and head upstairs for bed.
-We all arose early and headed for the common room, but no one is about.
-Worried that we might miss breakfast, we search around until we found Maid Bethana Corwin.
-Unfortunately Amiko is missing. She was seen entering her room, but her bed was not slept
in. There was a note though, in the Menkinian.
-With this information we began to suspect that perhaps Amiko’s father might have had something
to do with the goblin attack.
-We are told by the maid about Amiko’s brother Tetsuo, a half elf blacksheep that had been
given to the Academy early in his life in order to avoid any family embarrassment, can be
found at the glassworks and may know where to find Amiko and her father.
-We set out for the glassworks.

- End of Session -



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