Captain Sjogren


Captain Sjogren is a curious fellow. He is obviously Ulfen, a sock of human from the north praised for their daring and cursed for their raiders, but years at sea and in the tropics has weathered his face and browned his skin. He always carries around a sawtooth sword on his hip, and when asked about it, he will commonly begin to tell his entire life’s story to you, especially when the rum is flowing.

“Aye, I wasn’ born in the north. I was born n’ raised in a town called Cuttle, over on Mediogalti Islan’. Never was sure on who me pa was, never was sure, but I din’ need ‘im. I had Old Tom. He’s the one who gave me this beauty, and taught me to use it. Never could take Old Tom in a fight, even if he was edgen on eighty winters. He probably was an assassin, but with that island you can never be sure, with all the dinosaurs an’ goblins an’ kobolds an’ such. I got bored of it soon enough though, jumped on a whalin’ boat at 15 an’ never looked back.”

Even with Captain Sjogren being as long winded as he was, he did know how to keep quiet. He will still refuse to divulge the prior captain’s business, and we can be sure he will keep ours to himself. Years on the sea has made him extremely sturdy, even the roughest waves fail to phase him, and as fantastic as his story is, he is extremely proficient in the use of his sawtooth sword when the need comes.


Captain Sjogren

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