Kahir il'Mali


A khaki colored skin covers the sinewy muscles of this man. A bushy, black mustache covers his upper lip; his hair has large streaks of near-marble white running through it. The clothes he wears smeem to be well worn, but in impecable shape. Always a bright color and always in accordance with how the day struck him as he awoke. He is not shy about his body; many times he can be seen attending the rigging in a loin cloth and a belt.


Khair would have you believe that he is the best rigger this ship has ever had, if not the whole of the Inner Sea. He is very good at his job, but his personality is heavy on the arrogance. He is lithe and quite at home among the rigging; many time he can be found just watching the sea from a perch in the cordage.

He is always singing some ditty in Kelish or Osriani; even while his is speaking, he had diversions of a verse in the song that is going at the moment. He is versed in many things of the sea, as well as how to fence and duel. He is very willing to teach, but polietly refuses the return favor.

Kahir il'Mali

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