Assignment #17 Parchment Scrap

Assignment #17


This item was obtained by the players during
First Steps, Part I: IN SERVICE TO LORE

This is a player handout that points to the tasks that must be completed to complete this part of the adventure path.

Player istl1 handout


Venture Captain Ambrus Valsin barks at you from behind his cluttered desk,

“Your first mission, to test your mettle and loyalties, sends
you to meet a few people important to the Society living here
in Absalom. These are other venture-captains or close allies of
our organization, so follow their orders as you would mine. I’ve
prepared a list of things I want you to do. They’re not arranged
in any particular order of importance, but I want them all
completed as quickly as possible. Only report to me once you
complete them all. Included in the envelope you hold in your
hands is the list, complete with the name of your contact, and
directions to the meeting location.”

Assignment #17 Parchment Scrap

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