Party Loot

Current Party Loot is as follows:

Platinum 2
Gold 1612
Silver 0
Copper 0
Turquoise 200g
Dented Crown 20g
Short Sword +1 - Magic
Breastplate - Masterwork
Scimitar - Masterwork
Everburning Torches x2 - Magic
Pocket Watch 300g -
Cloak of Resistance +1 - Magic
Rapier +1 - Magic
Banded Mail +1 - Magic
War Razor +1 - Magic
Heavy Flail +1 - Magic

We have “Shadowmist” the riding horse.
We have a trade agreement worth 25500g at the current moment.
We have 80 bars of silver bullion; it is worth 4000g at current market trading.

A townhouse in Magnimar owned by the group. This townhouse has since had a basement quoted and building has begun. A steward, Seston, has been hired to handle the home and
ventures therein.

Pharast wages are paid for ship crew.
Gozran wages are paid for ship crew.

Party Loot

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