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You emerge from the Catacombs of Wrath and in the fading light of day make the trek back to the Rusty Dragon Inn. The walk is uneventful but tensions run high as you now know that something far more sinister than a few goblins lurked under the town of Sandpoint. Tsuto’s journal outlines the plan of a goblin attack on the town, and it is only a matter of time until this plan is set in motion. When you approach the Inn, you notice Ameiko Kajitsu is waiting for you at the door. She tells you that the Mayor has returned with a small contingent of troops from Magnamar, and that he wishes to speak with you at first light. Get some rest Pathfinders, for with the morning light comes your next great adventure…


A visit from your lost companion Engmar Silvertouch has warned you of the impending doom of this world. Between his mad ramblings and sudden disappearances, the whole town is aflutter with gossip of the strange visitor and his sudden departure. Most of what the absent cleric told you seems to be of no real use, but his inexplicable appearance at the Rusty Dragon Inn cannot be discounted entirely. Did his mumbles about a great battle and a great evil have anything to do with Sandpoint’s current plight, or were they just the delusions of a mind that has obviously been twisted by some higher power? Only time will tell…

As the hours tick by, you find that the town’s sheriff still has not returned with the promised reinforcements for the town’s guard. Something must be done to prepare the town for the days ahead, and the mystery of the town’s deceased priest and his daughter remains. What has happened to the priest’s body, and what was the true fate of his adopted daughter?


Bloopers and Quotes:

Session 1: “I can role-play ‘sober’!!!” – David OOC

Session 3:

This weekend we decided to grill some Fajita’s for our pathfinder session. When the grill wouldn’t light, I knew I had to start recording….

The Exploding Tim

Though our page speaks of the Pathfinder Society, we are not an official part of it. The story line of the society is being used to create a much larger campaign for my players. Our story will vary greatly from that of the actual Pathfinder Society and should not be taken as canon.

Society's Demise

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