Society's Demise

Synopsis for Session 5

(insert Pathfinder date here)

June 7th, 2013

-Today we were assigned what originally was expected to be a cushy assignment. Valsim has ordered
us to travel to Sandy Point, a sleepy coastal town, to oversee the Swallowtail festival. This
years celebration is dedicated to the new cathedral that is opening it’s doors in town.
-In order to do this we first had to secure travel from Absalom to the Lost Coast, since the
Society has neglected to provide us with transportation. We set out as a group for the Docks.
-Upon our arrival Kiko makes the comment that there aren’t very many attractive options for
securing passage.
-Unwaveringly Yu, Kiko, Morgrym, and Helmdal set out to find the Harbormaster whom they find in
his office.
-After being questioned on available transport ships, the Harbormaster smiled and rattled off
names of three ships: The Rosythorn an older cruiser, A small sad looking skiff, and a large,
rickety cargo ship named The Lardbucket that had seen better days before I was born!
– The Harbormaster also provides the captain’s name of the Lardbucket, Captain Joseph.
-Yu tips the Harbormaster one gold piece for his time.
-Meanwhile, Venir, impatient and anxious to get about our mission, took it upon himself to
question the captain of the Rosythorn. She quotes him 2000 gold crowns per person roundtrip.
– Venir balks at the price and tries to negotiate it down offering 200g per person.
– Offended by such a paltry offer, the Captain offers transport for 1000 gold crowns oneway.
– Venir, able to do basic mathematics, is able to figure out that the Captain hasnt budged on
her price and refuses again. The Captain returns to her ship and sets sail not interested
in Venir’s business.
-I walk up to Captain Joseph and enter into negotiations for passage. He isn’t interested in
taking on passengers, but would be willing to sell the ship itself for a fair offer. At this
time the rest of our stalwart company arrives and listens in. I offered a wager. I bet Joseph
that I could beat his best man up to the crows nest and if successful, he must turn over
possession of the ship to us. As for our side of the bet, I offer our trade agreement that has
been assessed at 10000 gold crowns. Before Captain Joseph could accept the bet though, my
companions decide to just sell the agreement and buy the ship outright. Apparently, they have
no confidence in my climbing ability.
-Kiko and I head over to the bank located further down the docks.
-Kiko, after some negotiation, agrees to sell the agreement for 9% of its value.
-Bank copies the agreement and hands over our new funds.
-Returning to Captain Joseph, our company agrees to buy the Lard Bucket for 1500g, she comes
with the crew whom make 5g per month to operate the ship.
-We hired the first mate whom is familiar with the ship and crew to be it’s new captain, and his
wages will equal to 1% of the total ship profits.
-Thus we aquired the soon to be renamed Lard Bucket captained by (needs an official name)
Captain Schmee, and set out on our adventure.
-The journey to Sand Point is uneventful and we make good time. We arrive at 7:30 in the morning
, about 30 minutes before the beginning of the festival.
-We all immediately reported to the head priest of the new cathedral. After entering a cross
shaped courtyard with seven stones surrounding a three legged altar in the center, we meet
Father Zantus, and he welcomes us to the festival.
-Since we didn’t have much to do at that moment, we split up to explore and merrymake.
-Kiko, Helmdal, and myself set out for the food tents.
-Morgrym begins to check out the layout of the festival, weaving in and out of tents he notices
that the city is made of wood and that the roads are all cobblestone and dirt marking Sand
Point as a boomtown built with some haste.
-Yu begins to navigate the crowds watching the various acts
-It should be noted, this being an official function, all of us were wearing our fine clothing
in celebration.
-Mayor Devrin steps up to the podium that has been set up in the town square and made a speech
praising the towns denizens and welcoming all to the Swallowtail festival. While speaking she
noticed the presence of our group and welcomes us Pathfinders particularly.
-Next up to the podium is the local Sheriff. He asked everyone to please imbibe in moderation
and warns of the dangers of drinking and cart driving.
-Last up is Lonjiku Kaijitsu, a local tavern worker. He thanked the Mayor and Sheriff, and
pointed out the ale stalls to the crowd. He closed by apologizing for his absence from the
fair this year, but urged everyone to enjoy themselves. He opens the fair to applause and
clouds of butterflies were released in celebration.
-Kiko, Morgrym, and myself head for the Rusty Dragon Inn to try more of the local cuisine,
courage spice salmon.
-Yu, meanwhile, blesses the new cathedral in Torag’s name.
-“Solemn” attempts to entertain the masses with his eidolon. He fails to keep much of their
attention with his humdrum antics.
-The populace were all over the place trying out foods, listening to music, and playing games of
all shapes and sizes.
-Easily distracted, I see gymnasts doing tricks on a balance beam and decided to show off my
ample skills. I leapt up and started to wow the gathered crowd with flips and tricks. Later,
we will discover that we were being watched and my performance got me noticed.
-Morgrym runs into Yu and they decide to join different teams for Tug o’ War. Helmdal bet Kiko 5
will get you 6g on Yu, while Kiko takes Morgrym. After much effort and making up for a weaker
team Morgrym wins the match and is quite a courteous victor. This test of strength gets both
Yu and Morgrym noticed by our mysterious observer.
-Solemn heads for the mudpits and once again using his eidolon attempts to entertain the crowd.
His eidolon cannot dance well ;however, and he fails to do so again, the crowd quickly
dispersed unable to watch such a horrible performance any longer.
-Helmdal also hearing about the Rusty Dragon Inn decides to visit it and asked for directions.
He heads over after receiving them and discovered the Inn closed for the festival.
-Kiko and I, famished from the activities headed over to the courage spice salmon tent and began
to eat it’s entire inventory. This also got us noticed by our observer.
-With everyone distracted, Helmdal took this opportunity to surreptiously case the local
domiciles. This suspicious behavior got him noticed as well.
-Solemn, having given up on entertainment, begins to ask around town about its history. He finds
out that the old cathedral burned down killing the old priest Ezekien Tobyn. Tobyn was
considered a great priest and the new cathedral was built over the old one. The Central
courtyard is a holdover from the original however.
-The sun begins to set at this time, marking the end of the day’s festivities. The new priest
accends the podium and holds up two stones, as he prepared to strike them together closing the
day, screams and inhuman shrieks sprang up on the twilight air.
-Giggling and dog cries can be heard from the shadows and then a sound that curdled my blood
could be heard. Goblin singing…then they came.
-Out of the twilight goblins poured. From around corners they came. Oozing out of the nooks and
crannies of the town. Dog slicers in hand and looking for blood.
-They surround the town square. A goblin can be seen off on his own investigating a tent. With a
concerted cry they charged the town square slicing and biting their way through the townsfolk.
-A goblin threw his torch at Morgrym, which was easily avoided.
-Helmdal, having not been in the square, is able to sneak attack one of them with crossbow
dealing it a medium blow staggering it.
-Yu enchants his sling
-Another goblin set a tent aflame while he is inside it, and is pinned under the burning canvas.
-Morgrym, leapt up after dodging the torch, and cleaved most of his assailant in twain with his
-A goblin within the food tent begins to gorge itself, disinterested in the killing. Kiko tried
to hit him with a vial of alchemist fire but fails to connect. The fire sputtered harmlessly
on the ground.
-Morgrym not satisfied with his one kill, continues on in a berserker rage and cleaves a third
goblin’s head from its shoulders.
-I was able to hit the final goblin in the shin with an arrow, but that didnt slow it down. He
pulled the arrow out and began to feast upon his own flesh. Solemn’s eidolon, sensing weakness
fell upon him and stung the goblin to death.
-Upon surveying the wreckage of the festival, dead bodies littered the ground and fire burned all
around. The cathedral’s priest implored us to help the town.
-We agree to help and decide to put out the fires and save the foodstuffs from destruction.
-While organizing water crews, a wagon at the edge of the square exploded, the fire finally
having found the black powder stores within.
-Almost as if it was a signal, a second wave of goblins flooded into the square besetting upon
us. This time they were accompanied by a larger goblin, a Warcaller, whom brandished a whip
and could be seen to give orders to the others.
-A goblin flings a torch at Yu and he is set on afire.
-Morgrym unleashes a warcry and charges the closest goblin inflicting a glancing blow.
-The Eidolon bites another goblin wounding it.
-I, after climbing a pole in the square, was able to hit the Warcaller with an arrow through the
chest. That didn’t stop him though.
-Kiko fires an arc of lightning at a goblin zapping him, but is unable to get it to arc to any
-Solemn narrowly misses a goblin with a crossbow bolt, and Morgrym is unable to get the upperhand
in his brawl.
-The Eidolon finishes his off gnawing through the goblins legs.
-Kiko, enraged by the carnage, hits the Warcaller with a burning flash and melts part of his
-Solemn attempts to climb the podium, but slips in a puddle of blood and falls down into the mud.
-I leapt down from my pole and was able to grab and restrain a goblin.
-Kiko critcally flame jets another goblin roasting him like chicken, from the inside out.
-Flexing my muscles, I fling the final goblin into the flames from the exploded wagon, his cries
abruptly dying off in the flames.
-We found 40g on the remaining goblin bodies.
-Yu chants a healing spell over our party in case of more assailants.
-We hear more screams and dog barking from outside the town and quickly head over to investigate.
-We arrived in a clearing. We notice a dog is torn to pieces and a man is hiding behind a barrel.
We aren’t seen on our arrival.
- Solemn and I, trading a knowing glance, both nock our respective bows and loose simultaneously.
-Solemn aimed for a goblin Wolfrider with his crossbow and deals him a glancing blow.
-I aimed for the goblin’s wolf and loosed an arrow right through its eye socket slaying the
vile beast.
-Kiko charges forward and swings his glaive in an arc. He uses the butt of it to club a second
-Helmdal used us as a distraction and snuck behind another Warcaller. He sneak attacked and was
able to slice the Warcaller.
-Kiko, dropped his glaive, and threw flame jets at the two remaining goblins.
-Yu summoned a damned dirty dire rat!
-Solemn is able to daze a goblin using magic.
-Seeing my most hated of enemies enter the battlefield. I throw myself with reckless abandon upon
the dire rat. I was able to vicously bite it.
-The goblin Warcaller used the break in the action to swing his sword at Morgrym whom is able
to sidestep most of the blow, but is still gouged along his thigh.
-Kiko, having picked his glaive back up, skewers another minion removing his arm and
penetrating deep into his ribcage.
-The filthy Dire Rat narrowly avoids its deserved death at my hands and wriggles away to
attack a goblin biting its ankles badly.
-Solemn’s Eidolon tackles the wounded goblin and eats its face drowning the goblin in its own
-Morgrym swings his axe into the Warcaller’s side causing it to fall to it’s knees. He then
pulls out his warhammer and flattens the Goblin leaders head.
-Aldren Foxglove stands up from behind the barrel, thanks us, and then compliments us on our
fighting skill.
-Amiko Kujitsu approaches and offers us all a room at the Rusty Dragon Inn for a week to
recover from our wounds.
-We found 300g on the corpses and split it up 50g apiece.
-Our company weary from battling, escorts Aldren to the Inn.
-On our way we can see villagers picking up the pieces of their ruined festival and gathering
up the dead to burn.
-Kiko gives another bottle of alchemist fire to a guard to help with the pyres.
-We arrive at the Inn which is a 3 story wooden building with a giant sylized rusty dragon on its roof gripping a large lightning rod thrust into the sky.
-We split up into our rooms and go to sleep.

End of Session


Um, finally read through this. The trade agreement is actually worth 50000g. Also, they took a 9% fee for cashing and changing it. We cashed it in for 20000g, paid 15000g for the ship. So we have a trade agreement worth 25500g, 5000g in gold and silver bullion, and “Karzoog’s Folly”.

Synopsis for Session 5

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